We create dedicated software to answer the needs and challenges of the Company, and help optimize business processes. Go from an idea to a product.

accounting office

Professional support from a dedicated app

SMEs market competitiveness

Accounting is a field where most of the processes still happen on the paper. On top of that, communication is limited to face-to-face and phone contact.  As a middle-size accounting office, our client - Plichta - came to us with an urge to expand the business. To do that they needed to automate and modernize some of their processes. As well as find a solution to connect them with the clients in a less time consuming and more effective way.


dedicated software

What’s responsive web design

and why your company needs it

Times when we used computers only at home, at the office and maybe at an internet cafe, are long gone. Nowadays, people expect to be able to shop for clothes while standing in  line, waiting for their favorite cup of coffee or plan a world trip sitting on a park bench. Sites and applications have a very hard task of adapting to this changes and requirements to keep up with their users. That's when responsive web design (RWD) comes in.


What is a project and what is not

Project lifcycle

Project lifecycle

When it comes to delivering projects, we all have one goal - to succeed and meet its objectives. At Inwedo we also find it vital to make sure that it serves its purpose in the best possible way. By definition: A successful project is a temporary management environment, created to produce a specified deliverable which, when used, leads to benefits that outweigh the investment made in its development and operation.


minecraft programming

Programming with Minecraft

Skills to develop this school year

Technology advances really fast. It’s hard to predict what the world is going to be like in twenty years when our children will be entering the job market. Giving them knowledge that we can be sure is still going to be useful in a few years is incredibly hard. That’s why we should provide them with skills that will always be on demand in the market like creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.


user experience

Want to learn UX?

Go to Starbucks!

Building your own app and looking for best UX advice? Just go to Starbucks, that’s where you’ll learn. Or at least that’s the advice I heard from an expert - Austin Keeble, during his workshops in Berlin.


User experience app

No time for a manual

Building simple and intuitive apps

What’s the biggest value in today’s world? The answer is simple — and contrary to what may spring to mind first, it’s not money. It’s time.

Never before the world has had so much to offer. With so many projects to do, so many books to read, so many places to visit — we feel like there’s no time to waste. So we’re always rushing, trying to make the most of the little time we have. We read, write and generally — work, in a hurry. It’s nothing unusual, it’s what “today” is all about.


dedicated software

How to choose the right software?

5 mistakes to avoid

Right tools make work smarter — that’s not a secret. But how do you choose the perfect software to handle all your business processes? Does the perfect one even exist? Probably not. But there are definitely some rules that will make it easier for every seeker to avoid mismatched systems or spending huge sums on placeholders.


Angular 2 React business processes

Angular 2 vs React

On the fence

There are new systems, approaches, and tools appearing on the market every day.

It’s getting more and more difficult for beginners to choose a JavaScript framework for their project or to start learning. Too many tools in the JS world make learning and using them more complicated than it should be. This article aims to give you some idea about both frameworks by comparing and outlining their characteristics.