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Professional support from a dedicated app

SMEs market competitiveness

Accounting is a field where most of the processes still happen on the paper. On top of that, communication is limited to face-to-face and phone contact.  As a middle-size accounting office, our client - Plichta - came to us with an urge to expand the business. To do that they needed to automate and modernize some of their processes. As well as find a solution to connect them with the clients in a less time consuming and more effective way.


dedicated software

How to choose the right software?

5 mistakes to avoid

Right tools make work smarter — that’s not a secret. But how do you choose the perfect software to handle all your business processes? Does the perfect one even exist? Probably not. But there are definitely some rules that will make it easier for every seeker to avoid mismatched systems or spending huge sums on placeholders.