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How we deliver our IT projects

Work with self-organized teams and enjoy a seamless development process

Do you need an external IT team to continue your project or do you want to build a new digital product from scratch?

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Dedicated software solutions

First steps in software development

The opportunities and challenges that each product development process faces are something you want to know before deciding on cooperation. Ahead of starting design activities, we organize a meeting that helps us get to know the context of your product, process, corporate environment in which you operate, and the budget you have at your disposal. What does this give us?

  • Organize project brief – we’ll help!
  • Learn more about how we work.
  • Define priorities for your project.
  • Get all stakeholders on board.
  • Receive our recommendations on next steps.

Looking for a quick launch?

You can choose a workshop to organize product vision or simply hire us as an external team. We will guide you through each scenario.


Discovery Workshops for new digital products

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Project kick-off for existing projects

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Bespoke software development

How do we develop software products and organize our development process?


Self-organized teams

Our team members’ complementary competencies allow us to deliver quality solutions that help you meet your business goals. We dive deep into the context of the project to fully understand your perspective – it allows us to be proactive in taking decisions or making recommendations later in the process. Our tech expertise, skills, and knowledge give us the confidence to operate independently and take ownership of our work.

Scrum-based development cycle

The basis of our daily work is a Scrum process. The priority is to gradually deliver elements that bring actual value. That’s why specialists assigned specifically to the project work closely together to deliver a release at the end of each sprint. Sprints usually take about 2 weeks and are followed by sprint planning. In the planning phase, we define a detailed sprint scope to make sure that high-priority features will be launched first – and ready to use right from deployment.

Human-centered design, with business values at heart

When designing, we combine two perspectives. The end user who is the real recipient of our tools and the business in which we create dedicated applications. We do not lose sight of these two aspects, and the overall quality is the responsibility of conscious practitioners – Product Owners.

Collaborative process – inclusive for the Client

We create each product with you. Every week, we report on the work progress, use tools that facilitate communication and try to adapt to the work mode of our clients – irrespective of whether we work together in the same time zone or work asynchronously with a team from all over the world.

Iterative & regular deliveries of high-quality code

We start a week from planning tasks and end it with a Sync meeting. As we work on small batches of tasks, we always show you specific functionalities at regular – and short – intervals.

Proactive communication & regular progress updates

Current reporting is the first step in our weekly or even daily communication. It’s also vital whenever there is a development opportunity or a chance to introduce a beneficial change. Since we look at the product from a broad perspective, we are able to recommend solutions that meet your goal. Even if you didn’t take them into account earlier in the design phase.

Rene Krol


The project management approach is very proactive and client-oriented. They always try to understand the reasons behind our requirements to provide the best applicable solution. Inwedo’s approach is perfect, which leads to meeting goals within budget and on time.


4 examples of problem-solving software solutions that address common business challenges.

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An efficient technology partner

A predictable process that will smoothly lead your project to production

Our product development process is based on a holistic approach. We work using agile methodologies in teams with the Client’s goals-oriented product management specialists, technical experts, and designers. Such a cross-section of knowledge and experience gives us – and our Clients – several advantages and practical benefits:


Regular deliveries

Working in 2-week sprints, our teams regularly deliver new features at the end of each interval.


Predictable budget

Dedicated team and clear rates provide clarity on monthly development budget.


Focus on quality

Our quality assurance specialists carefully inspect the created software.


Attainable goals

We plan works with business goals in mind, making sure we deliver value in every sprint.


Team scalability

We’re able to adjust team size depending on project phase, needed skills or approaching deadlines.

Arkadiusz Kluk

Green Factory

Inwedo’s good grasp of the requirements and nature of the client’s business enabled them to create an intelligent, well-aligned tool that has increased production speed and efficiency.

Feel that you need that kind of team? Work with us!

Agile team on demand

Remote software development

Fully collaborative development process, no matter the distance

As self-organized teams, we have developed flexible working methods that help us cooperate with clients from remote places – such as the US West Coast or Stockholm, Sweden.


Hybrid work

We have developed methods to operate effectively in a hybrid model. Our team and Partners coooperate remotely from various parts of Poland (and the world) and in our office in Łódź.

Online collaboration

We use instant messaging and knowledge platforms for remote work. Our work culture is constantly improving thanks to Client’s suggestions and internal perspectives.

Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, and more

We use online tools to stay in touch, but the office space allows us to meet offline when it feels more effective or when we want to see each other face to face.

Team spirit

Our advantage is keeping up the team spirit, continuously improving teamwork and encouraging independence.

Find out more about how we can manage online communication and still have the closest-knit team we’ve ever seen!

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