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Product Development

Whether you are planning to launch your first product development process or have done it already, this section will provide you with practical insights. We know the product development process inside out, and we would love to share our experience with you on our blog. Based on real-life examples and our own case studies, we will show you how to approach the development process depending on your niche and the project’s specifics. Learn to identify opportunities and challenges and turn your idea into a successful product!
Product Development Project management

August 9 2023

Time & Material vs Fixed Price – Which Pricing Model to Choose?

When it comes to pricing models for projects, fixed pricing seems like the obvious choice. But have you considered the benefits of a time and material model? We decided to compare the fixed price and T&M models together so you can see which would better fit your project.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development Project management

January 19 2023

Staff Augmentation Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

Staff augmentation offers an efficient way for companies to bridge gaps in necessary skills and create high-end products and projects. However, as in any cooperation – some challenges may arise during the process, especially in the beginning. Here at Inwedo, we have been down this road before. Read our blog post to get a better idea of what’s ahead.

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Agile Product Development

December 21 2022

How long does it take to build custom software?

You don’t need to be an Einstein to agree that time is relative. A long period for you may be a brief moment for the software development team, depending on various factors. How will it affect your deadlines? Check our take on one of the most problematic aspects of every commercial project – time.

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Agile Product Development Project management

November 11 2022

Agile cross-functional team – why should you team up with one?

Today we will focus on one particular service model – an agile cross-functional team. You probably have heard about Agile before, but in this article, we will focus not on the methodology itself but on the way it affects teamwork. From the basics to examples based on our professional experiences, we dive deep into the specifics of Agile cross-functional teams.

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Agile Product Development Project management

October 20 2022

Working with Key Performance Indicators – how to ensure your project’s success with KPIs?

To make things easier and faster, the companies sometimes “borrow” metrics from guides or successful projects, forgetting that KPIs should be custom-made – otherwise, they may do more harm than good. In this article, we describe the process of defining the relevant KPIs. Moreover, we have collected the most common reasons why KPIs do not bring satisfactory results and how to avoid them.

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Agile Product Development Project management

September 29 2022

How to use milestones in IT project management

So, you’re looking to set milestones for your software development project and don’t know how to do it, or you’ve tried, and it didn’t go as you expected. In this guide, we will use our experience in planning and executing IT projects to answer the most common questions about milestones.

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Agile Product Development

September 22 2022

Outsourcing software developers for agile projects – everything you should know

The IT market is abundant with software houses offering all kinds of cooperation models. It’s great to have options, but how to choose the matching one among all that variety? What kind of criteria to adopt when comparing potential IT service providers?

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Agile Product Development Project management

September 9 2022

All you need to know about user stories in agile development

Agile is our methodology of choice, and we see how positive its impact is on our productivity and relationships in the team. User stories are its essential element that proves its human focus. This complete guide will prepare you for working with an agile software team that works with user stories!

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Product Development Project management

August 29 2022

Project milestones – trail markers in a software development process

Well-designed milestones can make or break any project. Their role is not only to mark the progress and help your team work according to schedule, budget, and scope but also to communicate your project’s success to all stakeholders.

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