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Man in a grey shirt

Ela Mazurkiewicz

March 08 2023

The EU Cyber Resilience Act Proposal: How it will influence your software

The European Union takes cybersecurity threats seriously and establishes robust frameworks and measures to enhance regional cyber resilience. In the past few years, it has taken several steps to address cybersecurity concerns, most recently proposing the Cyber Resilience Act.

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Man wearing glasses sitting in front of a monitor

Ela Mazurkiewicz

January 26 2023

What are non-functional requirements? 9 types + examples

You already have a good idea of what your application should do and look like and the value it will create. You also know that your application has to be reliable – that is, work on the most popular browsers without causing people problems or inconvenience. These are all critical aspects of a system, but how do you translate them into code? This is where non-functional requirements come in handy.

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Two women talking on the couch

Basia Jagoda

March 16 2022

Product Owner vs Project Manager – which one do you need?

With the growth in popularity of agile and scrum project methodologies in the field of software development, it is becoming increasingly frequent to see people with job titles like Product Owner or Project Manager. While often confused, the two positions play different roles in the project.

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