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Coffideas: Networking with Depth & Purpose

How can we cultivate networking strategies that foster genuine connections and enriching conversations? The answer we'd like to propose lies in the 'Coffideas' method. Join us with Dominik Goss as we unpack this transformative approach, ensuring your interactions are not just plentiful but also purposeful. Dive in and redefine your networking with Coffideas.



Episode highlights

Experience the Coffideas method firsthand at the Web Summit! Join us at our event, where casual chitchats become enlightening exchanges, offering depth and connection. ✨

Save the date: 📆 November 15th at 8 pm. Our meeting spot is 📍Kübe Coworking.
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🚀 From a problem to an app
We set the tone with a nod to the transformative power of software to make our lives easier. But what does the journey from identifying a problem to creating a solution look like?

🚀 What is Coffideas?
Discover the essence of Coffideas, a unique approach to networking that prioritizes purpose-driven interactions over conventional meet-and-greets. We outline the guidelines that govern this innovative networking approach, setting the stage for connections that resonate.

🚀 Why traditional networking doesn’t work so well?
We dive into the nitty-gritty, unpacking why traditional networking methods fall short for both introverts and extroverts. Witness how Coffideas rises as the game-changing solution, rewriting the rules of meaningful engagement.

🚀 Where diverse perspectives meet
With Coffideas, diversity isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a catalyst. We delve into how this method harnesses the power of varied backgrounds and perspectives, cultivating an environment ripe for groundbreaking ideas.

🚀 Is 15 minutes enough to brainstorm?
Within just a quarter of an hour, can lightning indeed strike? Dominik Goss shares firsthand accounts from past events.

🚀 Collaborative problem-solving
At the heart of Coffideas lies a commitment to collaborative creativity. We spotlight how this methodology nurtures joint ideation and responds to the contemporary need for cooperative solutions in an increasingly complex world.


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