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Product Development Project management

October 12 2023

Solving the Puzzle of Fragmented Systems with Custom Software Solutions

Imagine juggling multiple balls in the air, but each ball has a different size, material, and weight. That’s probably how many businesses would describe working with dozens or hundreds of disjoined applications. We’ll try to convince you that dealing with dozens of separate programs is, in most cases, a waste of time, energy, and money. We’ll also tell you when getting a custom-made integrated solution might be the best option.

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Technauts Podcast

October 6 2023

Decoding Data’s Business Potential

In this episode, we're diving into the universe of data to discover how every business can tap into the wealth of information they already collect. Join us on a journey through the mysteries and potentials of data with Dominik Goss. Together, we will navigate through the complexities and potential of data while raising some important questions that every business leader should consider.

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September 14 2023

Exploring Llama 2: Investigating Capabilities and Business Potential

Curious about Llama 2, the next big thing in generative AI? So were we. That's why we conducted an experiment that goes beyond scientific curiosity. We dove deep to assess how the Meta AI's model learns, adapts, and, most importantly—how it can translate to real, tangible benefits for businesses. The outcome is promising: If you're searching for a transformative business edge, you may be closer to it than you think.

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Business Process Optimization Technology

August 31 2023

ML, NLP, LLM, and Deep Learning Explained – Exploring the Business Potential of AI

Understanding how machine learning, natural language processing, large language models, and deep learning work and how they differ from one another isn’t that easy. If you don't understand those subfields, it might be hard to figure out how to use them for your benefit. So, in this article, we’ll try to answer some of the questions you may have about how and for what you can use AI in your business.

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Product Development Project management

August 9 2023

Time & Material vs Fixed Price – Which Pricing Model to Choose?

When it comes to pricing models for projects, fixed pricing seems like the obvious choice. But have you considered the benefits of a time and material model? We decided to compare the fixed price and T&M models together so you can see which would better fit your project.

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.NET Technology

July 6 2023

5 cases when .NET is a top choice for startups

Very often, when a startup company comes to us with a product idea, and we recommend using .NET technology, they are surprised or concerned. Isn’t it more suited for large and complicated projects? Won’t the project get too expensive with .NET tools? What about projects that require high performance and speed?

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Our Culture Technology

June 27 2023

How tech recruiting helped me grow as a programmer and mentor

I have been a technical recruiter at Inwedo for more than a year now. Believe it or not, I find it fulfilling to connect with fellow programmers and gain insight into their lifestyles, career paths, and learning journeys. I value these conversations greatly, as every individual has their distinct approach, aspirations, and future plans.

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Our Culture

June 21 2023

Devs-Driven Day: Meet-ups with technology and people at heart

At Inwedo, we are dedicated to empowering the growth of the developer community and embracing diverse perspectives. With this in mind, we’d come up with the idea of Devs-Driven Day – a hybrid IT meet-up we organize every quarter. Collaborating with esteemed software houses, we have curated events that ignite innovation and honor the power of knowledge-sharing.

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.NET Azure Technology

June 14 2023

What is .NET used for? 9 Examples of .NET Applications

Are you thinking about choosing the .NET framework and its tools for your new development project but aren’t sure if it would be a good choice? We’ve prepared nine different examples of projects that were either built from scratch or modernized using the powers of .NET to show you just how versatile the framework can be.

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