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Business Process Optimization

July 7 2022

10 Examples of Business Processes You Can Optimize with Software

Today, the right software can help you make your company run smoothly and efficiently while minimizing costs and labor. So, what are some examples of optimizing business processes with software? In which areas, improvement can bring the most tangible results?

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Business Process Optimization

June 29 2022

All you need to know about business process optimization in 2022. A comprehensive guide to BPO

In 1930, Toyota revolutionized how cars are manufactured, and multiple companies followed suit. If you have ambitions of becoming as outstanding in your field as Toyota is in car manufacturing, you need maximum efficiency. Find out how to optimize your business processes.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

June 22 2022

Developers on Demand and Team Extension: 7 differences between Inwedo services

The bigger the project size is, the more you might need to consider utilizing End-to-end development services. So, where you are hoping for an external team to take ownership of the whole or part of the development process, you will need the full range of software development capabilities like in a Dedicated agile team on-demand solution. And if you need the assistance of 2-3 developers, the Team extension solution could be the right fit for you. But the size of the project is not the only factor that differentiates the two outsourcing models.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

June 15 2022

3 reasons to choose IT outsourcing services

When you decide about outsourcing some of your software development work, many options emerge as you’ve done your research. Different services may be appropriate depending on your deadlines are and how much dev work still needs completion. This article should help you to make an optimal decision.

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Business Process Optimization Human resources Product Development

June 3 2022

Body Leasing vs. Team Extension – Which Is Better? (And Why We Think It’s Team Extension)

Suppose your software development team is feeling overwhelmed. In that case, you’re behind schedule, or the quality of the code is suffering in a rush to meet deadlines, one possibility is that you’re understaffed. Which type of IT outsourcing services might be a relief for your company?

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Agile Business Process Optimization

May 29 2022

Project Kick-off: the key increasing the success of software development projects

If you are a manager who wants to understand the first crucial steps of product design to later save their resources in the process – this content is for you. If you are an IT Project Owner, you obviously need to coordinate the software development management process smoothly.

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Product Development

May 25 2022

How to sell a product using a pre-launch Waitlist Strategy

The main goal of a novice startup strategy is to get acquainted with the target group and the market. So imagine how perfectly a person who signed up for the waitlist for your product or service fits into this group.

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Agile Product Development

April 8 2022

Product Workshop 7 steps to reduce costs and minimize risk during product development

Most of our clients turn to us with the following questions: How to deliver solutions faster? How to reduce the costs of software development? How to minimize the project risk? It turns out the answers are not so simple.

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Agile Project management Technology

March 16 2022

Product Owner vs Project Manager – which one do you need?

With the growth in popularity of agile and scrum project methodologies in the field of software development, it is becoming increasingly frequent to see people with job titles like Product Owner or Project Manager. While often confused, the two positions play different roles in the project.

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