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Web Summit 2023: Inwedo’s Highlights and Reflections

Join us for a special Web Summit episode of the Technauts podcast! Along with Dominik Goss, we bring you first-hand impressions of the event's overall mood and key themes. Discover what made this edition unique, how it compares to previous years, and which talks inspired the most. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the pulse of today's tech world!



Episode highlights

🔹 Conference Atmosphere
An overview of the energetic and vibrant atmosphere at this year’s Web Summit, capturing the excitement and anticipation of tech enthusiasts and professionals.
The Spotlight on AI

🔹 The Spotlight on AI
Is AI a fleeting trend or a fundamental, enduring part of our technological future?

🔹 Inspirational Speech by Katherine Maher
We highlight Katherine Maher’s (the new CEO of the Web Summit) powerful speech.

🔹 The Essence of the Web Summit
We discuss the Web Summit as a hub for innovative ideas, technologies, and inspirations.

🔹 Maximizing the Web Summit Experience
Closing with valuable tips on how to fully benefit from the Web Summit and make the most of this opportunity for learning and networking.

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