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Body Leasing vs. Team Extension – Which Is Better? (And Why We Think It’s Team Extension)

Suppose your software development team is feeling overwhelmed. In that case, you’re behind schedule, or the quality of the code is suffering in a rush to meet deadlines, one possibility is that you’re understaffed. Which type of IT outsourcing services might be a relief for your company?



So, you’re looking to outsource some of your work to a dev team to help you push your project forward – without hiring additional, full-time staff. While searching for available services, you’ve probably come across the terms body leasing and team extension. They might seem very similar – especially since some software houses use these two terms interchangeably.

At Inwedo, we define the two services differently. The main distinctions lie in the values and coworking style, among others. Read on to see what the differences are and why we like the team extension model better.

What are the differences between the body leasing and team extension outsourcing models?

What is body leasing?

Body leasing (sometimes also called staff leasing) refers to the temporary hire of a single or multiple unconnected software development professionals to add to your team. Companies look for body leasing services when their current team is missing a person with a specific skill, but they might only need the services of such an individual for a limited time, e.g. until the completion of the current project.

Simply put, it means hiring a specialist with a certain toolset that you don’t have on hand to complete an urgent task for you. Think about fixing a leaky pipe in your apartment.

When you’re missing several skills, you may think of taking on more than one person – and that’s when team extension can really prove its worth.

Are body leasing, staff leasing, and team extension services the same thing?

There are key differences in the offer for body leasing and team extension services. At Inwedo we provide a team extension service, so we can tell you what it looks like from our perspective and experience.

We will approach the cooperation with our client slightly differently when entering into a body leasing agreement than when we cooperate in a team extension model. So, what exactly is team extension?

How do we define team extension?

Team extension service refers to hiring one, two, or more developers who can join your project as a part of your team, bringing their experience, expertise, chemistry, and proven track record with them.

But it’s more than that. By hiring a team extension service provider, such as a software house like Inwedo, not only do you ensure that you have access to the specific skills you need, but you gain a partner who will work closely with you to reach your goals. Your new partner will understand your business needs and unique circumstances and will take ownership of the outsourced areas of development.

Body leasing very often boils down to the mere completion of the tasks you assign to the hired devs. Meanwhile, in a team extension model, you can count on the team’s expertise to help you achieve your objectives and enhance overall performance. In addition to the efficient completion of tasks, you benefit from the specialist advice and experience of a team that has already worked together. That sounds much better to us!

How does Inwedo go about team extension?

The one thing we always aim to do is to enhance your project rather than just get it done.

At Inwedo, most projects start with a kick-off workshop, during which we get to know each other and learn about the specifics of your business, processes, and goals. We will look into your working patterns and SOPs, to ensure we’re an addition, not an intrusion.


Agata Solnica

Head of Growth at Inwedo

When starting work with a client, we develop an extensive kick-off checklist. This is our basis for the project – completing the knowledge that only the client has. We supplement the checklist over time and try to clarify individual threads and requirements. In addition, we always try to get to know our client’s way of thinking. It’s important for us to respect the rituals and ways of working that are already used in the team we are joining, because we don’t impose our own solutions – we adapt to the existing rhythm. And when we become more at home, we suggest improvements and share feedback.

During the kick-off workshop, we take a deep dive into what exactly you are trying to achieve through the project you are planning.

Via frequently held conversations, we support you through difficult decisions, propose solutions to your issues, and together ensure the project is on track. You’re already busy enough, and there is no shortage of challenges. When starting something new, something you might not have experience with, it’s better to hire a team that will work alongside you and provide that missing experience.

In short, you gain a team of experts with their perspectives, insights, and specialist skills, not just someone who will complete the tasks on a to-do list. You gain a responsible business partner.

For what kinds of projects are the team extension service suitable?

Wondering what kinds of projects a team extension can help with? The answer is simple.

Any software development project you’re working on can be enhanced by hiring an outsourcing team – regardless of the nature of the project, the stage, or the level of support you need. The wide array of competencies our experts bring with them can help you get virtually any software development work done.

Team extension is beneficial in the initial stages of the project

Even before the actual work starts, at the planning stage – or even during discovery and analysis – you can already start benefiting from our expertise!

More often than not, we start cooperation with discovery workshops, and that’s something we have plenty of experience in. Perhaps we can help you too!

Want to see how we designed a software solution ready to tackle our client’s individual needs starting with discovery workshops? Read the case study!


Team extension helps while the project is in progress

If you already know what you want, but need help with execution or enhancement, or wish to expand the team’s capabilities, it’s a great idea to enrich your team with experts.

Team extension gets you across the finish line with great results

Project managers love to say “we’re behind schedule”. And that’s often true! When the deadline is approaching and the backlog is building up, this sentence becomes less of a motivator and more of a real threat. That’s when more hands on deck can make or break the project.

Onboarding a dependable team of experts who care about your success and can take over your tasks quickly and efficiently, and start acting immediately, can help you cross that finish line on time even when it’s starting to look impossible.

How is the fee for a team extension service calculated?

Most of the time, it’s fairly straightforward: we charge based on a full day’s wage for each person involved, usually full-time.

One of the advantages of such an arrangement is the predictable, stable monthly cost of the service, which is a massive simplification for whoever is responsible for budgeting for the project. It also allows for more accurate cost estimation.

Why choose team extension over body leasing?

Culture fit

Hiring devs through a team extension service will ensure a culture fit for your team. We complement your existing team and work towards the same goal – all while respecting your values!


By hiring developers through team extension, you gain access to our rich experience. And that’s the experience of a team, not of a collection of individuals! No need to explain the benefits of that 🙂

Proactive partner

More than just crossing off all the items on the to-do list (although that too!), the team extension devs become conversation and brainstorming partners. We don’t only get your project done – we will help you make it better.

Team spirit

The benefits of a close-knit team of people that simply “click” are manifold, but it boils down to increased efficiency and more pleasant cooperation. Not only will the results be better, but completing the project can be fun!

Long-term relationship

A team of our developers can become an integral part of not only the current project but can grow beyond that, into a partner for months or even years to come.

IT projects are marathons, not sprints, as even the best-executed systems need to move with the times, be updated and maintained, and the functions need to be enhanced… why hire new staff each time?


All the factors mentioned above mean that we are invested in your success. That keeps our devs motivated and engaged.

If we look at body leasing, the individuals that join your team will want to complete their work and move on to the next project. As a result, you need to hire new people again whenever new tasks come up. And as you know, hiring a developer is a process that takes time, money, and effort and impedes your team’s momentum by disrupting the rhythm.

Business people love to emphasize meaningful relationships, which also holds in software development. The heart of the matter is that team extension is a better way to develop that fruitful relationship than body leasing.

Body leasing vs. team extension – why are our hearts set on team extension?

There is no question – in your particular situation, you need the best value you can get outside your organization. If you find yourself looking to outsource some development work, you probably have plans, budget, and timing to maintain. You need experienced people, who don’t say “yes” to everything, but they are still open, helpful, and involved.

At the beginning of the project, there will be struggles (as they always happen), so honest and competent communication through the challenges will be achievable only in a collaborative model. That is why we provide team extension services – because we have repeatedly been convinced that this is the only way we can deliver good quality and long-term partnership.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you? Read more about our Team Extension services.

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