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Green Planner

Providing real-time data insight and analytics that support decision-making and production planning in the ultra-fresh food production company via a desktop app.

Reduced manual labor
Saving money




Resource planning


4 months to MVP
3 months further development
Ongoing support


The Challenge

Difficult and time-consuming analytics for production planning, effectively slowing down the production and reaction time for the highly time-sensitive, ultra-fresh food business.

Green Factory (GF) is a food company that provides ready-to-eat food products in a B2B model, such as ready-made salads and fresh salad mixes. Their clients include restaurant chains (e.g. McDonalds) and retail businesses (e.g. Jeronimo Martins Group supermarkets). The nature of the business requires near real-time analytics and production planning. The company deals in perishable goods like fresh vegetables, so it is extremely challenging to plan production well in advance. Both material purchasing and production planning decisions often need to be made once the client has placed an order. Before initiation of the project, the analytics were done via Excel spreadsheets. The shortcomings of the existing systems included the fact that only one person at a time could work on a spreadsheet, effectively slowing down decision-making and causing delays. In addition, this was a time-consuming task, as most of the data had to be entered manually, there was no space for effective data analysis in real-time.


Arkadiusz Kluk

Director of Planning

We’re now able to create a production plan one week ahead of time, and we can show the purchasing team and the buyers how much of each raw material we need for each production date in each production plant, which has been really good. Our sales forecasts can also be recalculated for the components as well as for the raw materials, which has made us really good at planning 52 weeks ahead.

Inwedo’s Role

Green Factory came to us with a need to create a fast, simple application that would help the company make business decisions more quickly and easily. Together, we took a deep dive into Green Factory’s processes and the unique characteristics of the business. Based on identified bottlenecks and goals – we designed a software solution ready to tackle GF’s individual production planning needs.

Discovery Workshops

Quality Assurance

UX/UI Design

Web Development

The Solution

Together with GF, we developed a production planning application that analyzes the daily orders every minute and proposes decisions to improve production processes while removing the human error factor from the decision-making and analytics. Most of the tasks have been automated, and the need for manual data input – which is not only time-consuming but also expensive and frustrating – has been removed, as the application is connected to the database and automatically collects the data from it. All conveniently accessible from one clear dashboard.

Convenient and clear dashboard for production planning

The application provides all the necessary data and analytics required for production planning, order analysis, inventory, stock analysis, and daily updates in one place.

Time-saving solution

Previously, as the analytics were done in Excel, only one person at a time could edit and view the most up-to-date version of the data. Now everyone can view and edit the data in real time in the app, significantly reducing idle time for employees who are not editing the data, as well as avoiding miscommunication and ensuring everyone is viewing the most up-to-date information.

Automated data collection

No time-consuming manual upload of data was required, as the application automatically connects and collects data in real time from our database. This not only saves time and effort but also removes the risk of inevitable human error, which can lead to significant losses.

Real-time insight

Our application displays the information and all changes in real time, including the current order status, inventory, and analytics. This ensures all employees can react quickly to changes made.

Planning support

Our application takes a range of information into account, such as the historical data on various products, and automatically calculates how much of each resource will be required to fulfill the order.

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Client’s Perspective

Arkadiusz Kluk

Planning Manager

We hired Inwedo to create a fast, simple application that could help us make business decisions much more quickly. Inwedo created a tool that analyzes our daily orders every minute and proposes decisions that make our production faster. There were always at least 3–5 people working on the project, including the project manager, the IT guys, a QA person, and someone who created the graphics. The biggest plus is that they work really fast. They never make us wait and they can adapt the finished product for us. They have never said something was impossible.

Impact Achieved


The GF team can now plan up to 52 weeks ahead!

2000 kg

The team avoided unnecessarily ordering 2 tons of fresh spinach

20 %

New orders translate into achieving the 20% growth target

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