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The interactive platform for Music&More students to help them improve on their guitar skills at any time and any place.

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The Challenge

Looking for unique ways to make guitar lessons even more fun & engaging for students.

Learning to play an instrument is usually a long process, that requires hours of practice and dedication. Music&More is known from its unique approach to teaching, and wanted to introduce new technologies to their methods to help the students make progress quicker, and enjoy themselves in the process.

Inwedo’s Role

Our experience and expertise in creating end-to-end software solutions supported the client’s vision.

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The Solution

Web app that brings chords to life through video tutorials & makes guitar lessons fun. The educational app helps music students learn to play the instruments faster and with more fun. Teachers upload guitar tutorials and can assign them as homework for their groups. The upload video tutorials guide learners through playing the songs step by step, with video visualisation of the correct chords and frets.


Guitar students are more willing to practice their skills at home, and teachers can track their progress. Hundreds of lessons were prepared as video guitar tutorials and made available for the students to practise at home. They could choose from many popular songs in the library, with various levels of difficulty. Tutorials assigned as homework by provided teachers with additional insight into their pupils’ progress.

Impact Achieved

Tutorials uploaded

Students enrolled


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Sara Foss

Team Leader IT

Client’s perspective

Inwedo has provided us with an individual and partnership approach.

They have adapted the form and scope of services they provide to our needs. Despite the occurring difficulties in communication sometimes resulting from our lack of technological knowledge or indecision, they tried to advise us and point out the best solution to our problem. They quickly and efficiently responded to the errors we reported, both by e-mail and by phone, tried to provide us with the best support.

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