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In-house project management software allows project managers to track project budgets, progress, and resources, track utilization rate, and access project performance reporting.


Czech Republic


Construction industry
Consultancy services
Engineering services
Industrial services


1,5 years


The Challenge

Bilfinger Tebodin is an international company that provides consultancy, design, engineering, and construction management services for industrial clients from various markets.

They focus on EPCM projects (engineering, procurement, and construction management), but each service can also be provided separately based on the client’s requirements. As the company grew and developed further services, there was a need to adjust the existing technological tools to provide better flexibility for further expansion, development, and integration with various systems. Bilfinger considered multiple paths, including the use of ready-made tools. The company had to follow set quality standards and principles, including in managing financial aspects and work breakdown structure planning, together with complex approval workflows. Ultimately, a custom software application turned out to be the optimal solution, as it could be fully adapted to the business needs, a constantly growing team, and further development.

René Król

Technology Manager

We had to become a more flexible international company which can manage projects with resources from different countries, to provide the best possible expertise needed on a particular project, regardless of location. That flexibility required significant changes in the software tools used for management of project budgets, project forecasting and resource management, as we had several legacy systems for these tasks. That was one of the biggest challenges: to create one system which can cover all these requirements and still focus on a high standard of quality, while also providing a better user experience.

Inwedo’s Role

During the discovery workshops, we developed a roadmap of the project, which was determined by Bilfinger’s business goals. Our role included the following stages:

Development Strategy

Development Strategy

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Web Development

The Solution

The end user’s perspective is our starting point in all areas, so the new system was designed to be easy to navigate, reflect the mapped processes, and guide users through them without the need to refer to complex manuals. All the user’s tasks are available in one single application and therefore – easy to track.


Aggregating project data on multiple levels (such as region or country) provides the management team with key insights.

The new system is based on clear dashboards with graphs, such as detailed reporting modules for various roles in the organization: one for project managers and a separate one for senior managers. These modules include, for example, the top 10 best/worst performing projects, cash flow, and an overview of the entire organization.

Task Manager – a work management tool that keeps users informed about the status of their tasks in the project.

The application shows the required actions for the specific functions (e.g., approvals, onboarding of new hires, waiting for feedback). Additionally, notifications appear regardless of where the user is in the application. Each task has its own link, so the notification can easily redirect the user to the place where the task is waiting.

Time Tracker – a tool made from scratch for time tracking and resource control.

The tool shows the time and resources spent on each project. This functionality allows senior management to track the use of resources on an ongoing basis, and thus assess the profitability of a given project. It includes four modules that allow supervisors to track and approve employees’ working time and request additional resources if the project needs them.

Client Perspective

René Król

Technology Manager

Inwedo is a progressive company with a lot of experienced professionals in-house. They had to jump in pretty quickly to provide support for existing systems, get familiar with our way of working and our standards, and together we started to build up a plan for a new system. I respect the open-minded and open-communication approach of Inwedo because not all aspects have been clear from our side, and they always helped to provide possible solutions and different perspectives on issues. After extensive workshops, we identified the goals, made the plan and got started. I was really surprised by the effectiveness of the team, level of communication, and flexibility, because a lot of unexpected issues appeared during development and testing, but the plans were adjusted, and things kept moving forward.

Impact achieved

67 min.

Time reduction per project with the new system compared to the old


Monthly savings from efficiency in project creation


Annual savings from 25% time reduction in Utilization Planning

up to 20k

Annual finance savings from streamlined managerial processes


The application we created allows managers to analyze project flow in the organization, monitor cash flow and time spent on the project, and thus improve their projects and deliver better results.

The platform was designed to facilitate future growth and process transformations. Thanks to high scalability and flexibility, the solution will soon be implemented in the Middle East and Scandinavian divisions.

Maciej Gieniec

Product Owner at Inwedo

Bilfinger’s exceptional level of support is an asset that turned a typical business cooperation into a partnership.

Bilfinger, a major international company, was conscious of its requirements for the new system. First, it had to be user-friendly, with cutting-edge UX/UI, and complete business logic support on all project creation and management levels. Those goals wouldn’t be achievable without the daily support of the Bilfinger team headed by René Król. From day one of our cooperation, throughout all stages of the project, we knew the requirements and what needed to be done to meet them.

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