the application allows the team to fulfill each day’s orders on the same day, which allows the company to accept additional orders and therefore increase revenue and number of clients, which supports the 20% growth target.

Bringing together individuals, companies and scientists, united on a mission to sequester carbon through regenerative farming in Swedish agriculture.

Supporting one of the world’s leading home appliances manufacturers with real-time overview of teams’ workload to ease efficient project and resource planning.

Rediscovering the value of event networking. A complete solution to lead and engage discussions between event participants.

Welcome app designed to help hosts around the world provide 5-star hospitality and great experiences for their guests.

Developing an awarded ticket selling system. Express purchase and mobile tickets make daily commute a lot easier.

The interactive platform for Music&More students to help them improve on their guitar skills at any time and any place.

Complex and integrated time tracking solution to help organize work and boost the productivity of IT professionals.

Two-sided platform to open a way to the Asian market for European companies. Two different versions for different markets.

Solution to scale the SME’s efficiently. A comprehensive system to improve both internal processes and communication.


The platform allows to gather data from affiliate programs and help consumers make the most of the benefits they offer.

What do you see?

The online platform that enables the Grupa Żywiec employees to take an active part in the HR initiative – the photo contest.


A system of applications (Web, Mobile & TV) that provides viewers with access to outstanding Opera experience.


Software designed to support the planning, management and supervision of the IT certification program for teachers of all backgrounds and subjects.


Online platform for shops and their clients to collect and handle of client claims. The web app enables to create custom claim forms and client notifications.


Providing passengers with reliable bus timetables in real time, making trip planning easier. Passengers get up-to-date information on their most frequented routes.

Decathlon – Deliveries

Keeping an eye on deliveries time and optimizing process on a daily basis. All-in-one tool to track the whole delivery process.

Teori Undervising

The portal to make driving lessons more interactive. Enabled school to display the educational interactive video and control the lessons through a mobile app.


Custom-made financial system to improve document workflow. The implemented software helped optimise the company’s key business processes.

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