Decathlon – Deliveries

Keeping an eye on deliveries time and optimizing process on a daily basis. All-in-one tool to track the whole delivery process.

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Deficit of information about the process of delivery.

Lack of information about the time and efforts required to conduct the process of unloading a goods in store. Managers had difficulties in evaluation the real costs of deliveries which was a crucial factor in order to increase the overall effectiveness of delivery process.


All-in-one toll to track the whole delivery process.

Mobile app that lets shop workers record the amount of time needed to conduct the proces of loading or unloading goods. The collected data is stored and processed in the database, available from dedicated dashboard. The solution makes the information easily accessible any time on any device.


Accelerated delivery process backed by data

Deliveries let Decathlon managers to keep track of three major indicators: exact time of delivery, productivity and percentage of man-hours involved in delivery, measured per store. As a result, the tool simplify and accelerate the whole delivery process. The build-in reporting tool summarize the procedure, and outputs the relevant data.

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