Decathlon – Explotool

Supporting 60 Decathlon stores in Poland. All-rounded store management application with fully interactive audit reports.

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  • Improved process speed
  • Reduced manual labor
  • Saving money


Increasing number of paper documentation and time consuming process.

Along with the company’s growth, Decathlon started facing the challenge 
of an increasing amount of paper documentation. Managing in-store operational processes in a printed form - was not only time-consuming, but also generated tons of paper documentation.


The platform that that gathers all day-to-day store activities in one place. Without a piece of paper.

Thanks to the app, shop assistants can quickly perform diagnostics for a chosen department. Additionally, the app allows to report on accidents, reminds about store events, and helps to to maintain same standards across all stores. All these can be done electronically, saving time and eliminating paper documentation.


Coordinated procedures inside the shop’s ecosystem, delivered to the Decathlon's standards.

Explotool increased productivity and efficiency of the processes, and real people that stand behind them. It improved the information flow within the company, and accelerated reaction times for critical situations. The app also reduced number of printed documentation, saving not only paper, but also time and human resources.

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