Developing an awarded ticket selling system. Express purchase and mobile tickets make daily commute a lot easier.

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To reinvent an existing, outdated way of purchasing and controlling tickets.

Infospread identified the existing problem of outdated ticketing process in public transportation. The challenge was to design an end-to-end solution to simplify the purchasing procedure. Season tickets were almost never available online, and the whole buying process was time-consuming.


Fully digital platform - a mobile app for passengers and ticket controllers.

The holistic solution to the problems of both passengers and controllers required using of web and mobile technologies. Furthermore, the project is also connected with a reliable and trustworthy payment system, with utilizing NFC and QR technologies to register passengers’ rides in an innovative way.


New product in the market of smart transport solutions, with 10k users daily.

New product in the market of smart transport solutions, with 10k users daily. Zbiletem.pl turned out to be a commercial success, and has already been introduced to daily use in 11 Polish cities. The process of buying a season ticket got significantly quicker, taking less than 60 seconds. The in-app solution improved comfort of passengers, and facilitated ticket validation for controllers.

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Client's perspective

Stefan Johannson
Chief Executive Officer

We have a development team in Sweden but needed to work differently for the Polish market. Inwedo has been our partner since the beginning, helping us with web and mobile development. zBiletem, one of our most recent projects, required a more holistic approach. Aside to software development, Inwedo supported us in the overall product design - the latter being a critical step in our process.The system is now implemented in more than 15 cities in Poland, including Warsaw, and steadily gains popularity.

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