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Product Development

External CTO services for mission-driven founders & managers.

Software development services focused on the full lifecycle of a digital product. We assign a dedicated, cross-functional team to each project and guide you through the process of product development each step of the way. From analysis through design to development and implementation – we support founders with our technological expertise.

Product development success stories

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Bringing together individuals, companies and scientists, united on a mission to sequester carbon through regenerative farming in Swedish agriculture.

Providing real-time data insight and analytics that support decision-making and production planning in the ultra-fresh food production company via a desktop app.

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Fullstack web app development

Technologies you can trust paired with a software delivery process that works.

Skilled developers backed with our 15+ years of experience in creating complex software solutions from the ground up. Our IT professionals offer technological recommendations for short- and long-term software development goals. Back-end and front-end development services paired with quality assurance and test automation – we cover the full software development lifecycle.

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Client testimonials

Rene KrolTechnology Manager CEE

We are still impressed how fast they have been able to understand the system and how smooth they started to work with it. We have perfect communication with our developers directly and their product owner provides extensive regular reporting which allows us to keep track of the job.

Arkadiusz KlukPlaning Manager

The team worked with great commitment to gain an in-depth understanding of
our business, proposing tailor-made technological solutions. The system we created together is fully adapted to our unique process, allowing us to accelerate daily planning tasks and minimize production waste.

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Jessica JohanssonSenior Omställningskonsult

The project was fun and overall – I enjoyed working with the team. Workshops before development were helpful, as they allowed us to take a closer look at goals and business context.

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What are the common types of software services?

Software services usually involve product development (focused on the technical side of the project) and product design (focused on UX&UI). Software houses offer web development services and mobile development services, covering the app development process for different devices and operational systems. The services may also involve cloud adoption and engineering, DevOps, or custom software development (in other words, bespoke software development).

What kind of software services are provided by Inwedo?

Inwedo provides you with product development and product design services, translating your idea to a complete product from scratch or joining at a particular stage. We also carry out discovery workshops to help you understand your goals, challenges, and market better, making it easier to kick off the project successfully. Depending on your needs at the moment, we can provide you with either Agile teams on demand or support your in-house specialists in the team extension model.

How to choose a software development services provider?

When choosing a software development services provider, it is worth paying attention to their project methodology. Make sure it goes in line with your expectations regarding communication and the level of involvement on your side. A diverse portfolio of projects that share some specifics with yours is also a plus. For more tips, we recommend checking our step-by-step guide to finding the right software development services company.

What are the benefits of choosing Inwedo as my software services provider?

  1. We are agile – our teams are cross-functional, making the most out of every member’s potential and delivering fast and quality results.
  2. We are flexible, offering you various cooperation models you can pick depending on your demand.
  3. We are versatile – our portfolio involves projects for various industries, from manufacturing to education and travel.
  4. We cover a wide range of technologies, offering, .NET, Angular, Node.JS, React JS., Vue.JS, and TypeScript development.

How can I determine what type of software services my company needs?

For someone without an IT background, navigating all the cooperation models, methodologies, and tech stack may be overwhelming. The best way to determine your software services-related needs is to reach out to a software house for hours and discuss your current issues or the idea you are currently working on. The specialist will evaluate all that, providing you with advice.

What are the key factors to consider before implementing software?

The key factors to consider before implementing software are:

  • expected budget and timeframes
  • preferred project methodology
  • tech stack and demand for specific skills
  • cooperation model
  • testing approach (for instance, tech-driven development)
  • scalability of the team

It is worth organizing a discovery workshop to make sure both sides understand the goals behind the project.

What is the first step in choosing IT services?

Research is always the first step – the answers above should help you with that! Take your time to read about the software house’s approach to work and their experience in your field. And don’t hesitate to ask questions – a good partner will take your time to dispel all your doubts.