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What is product development?

Product development is an end-to-end process of creating a brand new digital product or enhancing an existing one. Dedicated solutions are built from scratch to fit the unique company or user needs. The development team consists of experts in complementary roles (engineering, design, quality assurance, management) who work in iterations to develop the functionalities of the software product. The usual stages of product development involve ideation, design, development, implementation, and adoption. Launched products are often refined and reiterated based on user feedback, as well as predefined success metrics.

Product development may be an answer if:

  • you want to build a new product from scratch,
  • you’re not sure how to approach your digital project,
  • your team lacks product development skills,
  • you want to improve an existing application,
  • you’d like to integrate multiple sources of data,
  • you aim to reduce manual labor for your employees.

Product development process

Demands & vision


Product Design

Development & QA


Release & adoption

Creating digital products from scratch is what our teams love the most!

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Digital transformation for your business

With our product approach, we help enterprises and quickly growing companies introduce digital change in a lean way.

Introduce digital transformation

We’re an active partner in technological discussions. We raise flags whenever we see issues and suggest alternative approaches to make sure the decisions we make as a team are fully informed.

Increase the agility of your business

Agility in technological projects doesn’t boil down to a well-organized product development process. Our role is to support you with our experience and use a creative approach focused on the context of your project.

Open new lines of business & reach new markets

Our delivery process runs smoothly thanks to the accredited tools we work with. JIRA, Confluence, BB and regular deployments allow you to track project progress with ease.

Accelerate growth & scale your business

Our routine consists in working with success criteria. This approach will help you view the project through the lens of its long-term effect and budget predictability.

Arkadiusz Kluk

Planing manager

In the ultra-fresh food industry (shelf life up to 8 days), production planning is one of the most crucial and complex company operations. The team worked with great commitment to gain an in-depth understanding of our business.

Custom software product development

Supporting our Partners’ domain knowledge with dedicated software solutions

We design solutions to optimize business processes or turn high-level vision into working software. Web applications which we created support daily operations across various company departments from startups to enterprise level companies.

HR data management

Knowledge sharing

Project management

Assets management

Accounting and invoicing

Professional certification

Security solutions

Document workflow

Back-office systems

HR data management

Knowledge sharing

Project management

Assets management

Accounting and invoicing

Professional certification

Security solutions

Document workflow

Back-office systems

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Product development portfolio

Onboarding platform

Bringing together individuals, companies and scientists, united on a mission to sequester carbon through regenerative farming in Swedish agriculture.

Green Planner

Providing real-time data insight and analytics that support decision-making and production planning in the ultra-fresh food production company via a desktop app.

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