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Web application development

Create powerful web applications with leading technologies that shape the digital future

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Custom web development services

We’re a full-stack web development company, highly specialized in the delivery of complex, scalable and functional web applications.

Our teams build software solutions end-to-end and advise on the right technological choices for short- and long-term business goals. Custom web development is often the start of a digital transformation that enables companies to accelerate growth.

We bring software development to the next level by:

  • creating dedicated software solutions
  • taking Excel or offline processes to the digital world
  • growing an existing digital product
  • building digital platforms that help companies scale
  • opening new business channels
  • integrating multiple sources of data
  • reducing manual labor.

Rene Krol

Technology Manager CEE

The project management approach is very proactive and client-oriented. They always try to understand the reasons behind our requirements to provide the best applicable solution. Inwedo’s approach is perfect, which leads to meeting goals within budget and on time.

We can help you choose the right technology for your digital product and your business goals

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Why should I consider Inwedo as a software development partner?

At Inwedo, we emphasize flexibility, agility, and versatility. Instead of focusing only on the technical side of the project, we approach them as a whole. Every decision we suggest is backed by thorough research, and every project – with a discovery phase during which both sides gain a deep understanding of the product.

Does Inwedo offer custom software development services for my industry?

At Inwedo, we offer custom software development services for various industries. Check our case studies proving that we can easily orient ourselves in any niche!

What’s Inwedo’s experience in enterprise software development?

We have worked with numerous companies on international ground, creating custom systems and supporting migrations from outdated legacy software. Among the companies Inwedo cooperated with are Green Factory, Decathlon, and Capacity Planner.

What’s Inwedo’s experience in working on digital transformation projects?

At Inwedo, we have supported various companies in digital transformation, helping them replace legacy software with optimized custom apps and migrate to the cloud. For example, Decathlon asked us to develop both a complex HR tool that would support onboarding in their over 60 stores and an employee-empowering Insider app.

Can we form a durable team delivering software solutions over a longer time?

Yes – the duration of the cooperation with Inwedo depends on you. We can create a dedicated Agile team that will continuously develop your project after its release or support you with our team extension service for an indefinite period.

What types of web apps can Inwedo develop?

Inwedo’s web app tech stack is extensive, including Vue.JS, TypeScript, Node.JS, Angular, React, and.NET.

How much does developing a web app cost?

The cost of the IT project development depends on numerous factors, from the complexity and niche to the tech stack and timeframes.

How long does it take to build a web application?

Just like with the price, it depends on all the factors listed above and the cooperation model you decide to introduce. However, we can assure you that if you back your project with a well-planned discovery workshop, the whole process will be much faster!

Does Inwedo provide maintenance and support after developing a software service or web app?

Yes, if only you wish us to cover it. Whether you picked a dedicated team or a team extension service, you can count on maintenance and support from Inwedo.

Which technology is best for web development?

That depends on your project’s specifics, budget, infrastructure, and priorities (speed, usability, security, high performance, etc.). Once we have more insights from your side, we can recommend the most suitable tech stack.

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