Great software is built by cross-functional teams.
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Diverse backgrounds, skillsets and approaches blend together in each team bringing greater creativity and innovation. From the early idea to the final launch - the whole process is in our hands.

Our teams usually benefit from the combined superpowers of ...

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Value-oriented process

Even the best teams need the right development process to maximize their potential of delivering high-quality software on time. Scrum allows teams to act faster, deliver features of business value sprint to sprint and pivot quickly if necessary - reducing the unnecessary costs.

Making sure the Client vision and priorities are aligned with development goals means taking a few important steps before the code is actually written.

Product Owners are present in every phase of the process - from Vision, through Planning to Retrospective, and then: take it from the top!

agile methodology diagram agile methodology diagram
There is a story behind each of these numbers.

Our Vision

The north star to our growth as a company, embedded in our definition of great software.

Inwedo was born from Dominik and Chris’ hard work and drive for innovation. What started on a sailing trip as small IT consulting business is now a team of 30+ individuals working on software solutions that reach users globally. This passion for technology spreads to our teams, and is reflected in the way we approach each project.
Our company values emphasize the importance of ownership, commitment and cooperation. That’s why we believe in sharing context over control and focus on success criteria before the coding begins. This way we can brainstorm together with our Clients and be true partners and advisors they need on their software journey.
Simplicity and flawless user experience is what beauty is all about when it comes to great software. We optimize workflows and base our apps on user-centric design. When the whole user journey is effortless and easy on the eye, but also functional - it makes software adoption run smoothly.
Focusing on success criteria rather than bare technical requirements - we care about our Clients’ business goals. Creating software that helps thousands of people work more efficiently or realize their goals - makes our work meaningful. We feel proud to be part of our Clients’ achievements, and it always drives us to come up with new ideas for growth.

can do
We think of each challenge as an opportunity to grow, and always look for solutions where others see obstacles.
go beyond
Go Beyond
We go way beyond just writing code. We can handle the whole business process from start to finish, and always look for better ways to accomplish things.
take ownership
Take Ownership
We ask questions about the project goals and try to understand - not only comply. Knowing the context - we take action to move forward.
empower others
Empower Others
We’re strongest as a team - get inspired by each other, share knowledge, but also ask for and receive help when necessary.
Stay Curious
Stay Curious
Always on the lookout for innovation and hungry to learn from every situation. We embrace the changing environment and experiment with new ideas.
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