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Supporting leaders in digital transformation globally.

Single team – full digital product lifecycle

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Dedicated software solutions – substantial impact

By focusing on the issues that matter, we build solutions that are not only functional, but also meaningful

Streamlining project management for a global building and construction leader

All administrative processes integrated in one, all-purpose application.

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Orbit Projects

Helping eliminate food waste through data-assisted production planning

Providing real-time data insight to support decision-making in the ultra-fresh food production company.

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Green Planner

Rediscovering the value of event networking

A complete solution to lead and engage discussions between event participants.

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Your exclusive software development partner

Impact is what we do for a living!

Technology is powerful leverage. Whether it’s making your daily work smarter using enterprise software or bringing a change to the world around you – dedicated software development provides an incredible range of possibilities.

At Inwedo, we don’t just code. We assist our Partners at every step of the software development process – from analysis through comprehensive software architecture and development to implementation, making sure we build solutions that allow you to take the world by storm.

Find out more about our team and their value-oriented software development process.

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Why should I consider your software development company as a partner?

Making a conscious decision about choosing software house services is crucial to your business. That’s why at Inwedo, we don’t just write and implement the code. We assist you and provide the technical expertise, skills, and knowledge to ensure everything works smoothly and efficiently while supporting you in product management and process optimization. We operate in an entirely transparent manner and in the spirit of partnership. At every step of the software development process, we do our best to develop a product that the world wants to see and try.

Do you offer custom software development services for my industry?

We’re experienced in creating custom software for various industries – from accounting and finance through education, manufacturing, agriculture, public transportation, retail, and human resources to fresh foods production. And that’s just the snap of what we did. Go ahead and check out our portfolio, and don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

What’s your experience in enterprise software development?

We’ll let our work speak for itself. Read more about our cooperation with Green Factory, Decathlon and Capacity Planner in our portfolio.

Can we form a durable team delivering software solutions over a longer time?

Yes, you can work with one dedicated team for the entire digital product lifecycle. We compose teams that follow your project needs, challenges, or development phase. We can increase the team size if more work is coming our way or make it smaller if we’re entering the maintenance phase. This way, we also promote ownership, code quality & complete focus on delivering actual business value in each sprint. Read more about Dedicated agile teams on demand service.

What makes your software development process different?

Our software development services are complex and focus on the entire life cycle of a digital product, from analyses through design to development and implementation. Solving software development problems is our bread and butter. Working with our clients, we discovered the most effective and flexible ways to fix the most common issues you may face.

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