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Bespoke manufacturing software

Software solutions for sustainable and cost-effective production

Optimise your manufacturing operations

IT solutions for manufacturing

Innovative approach for evolving economic and regulatory terrain

Navigating economic shifts, evolving regulations, and increasing competition requires effective tools and strategies to maintain stability and ensure sustainable production.

Our primary focus is on helping you develop software that reduces operational costs and provides the necessary agility and compliance to thrive in manufacturers’ challenging business environments.

From refining production processes to introducing real-time monitoring systems, our team works closely with you to deliver solutions that optimise production processes and increase productivity.

Digital transformation drives multiple benefits:

  • financial and operational efficiency
  • reduced unplanned downtime, increased production flexibility
  • enhanced labour productivity and optimized resource use
  • strategic clarity through data-driven decision-making
  • efficient energy use and lower emissions for Net Zero
  • supply chain transparency and proactive management
  • greater resilience and responsiveness to market changes
  • quality enhancement and continuous process improvement
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Software development services for manufacturing

Maximise profitability and fuel growth with our manufacturing software solutions



Bespoke software development

Get custom web applications that adapt to your business needs and keep you ahead of the competition.


AI & Data solutions

Leverage the potential of your data to drive meaningful change, and revolutionize the way you do business.


Cloud and DevOps solutions

Use DevOps practices and Cloud technology can enhance performance, optimize efficiency, and lower expenses.


Business process automation

Automate workflows to improve resource management and boost operational efficiency.

Enhance your capabilities with our skilled developers’ support and proven experience

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Manufacturing and production case studies

Comprehensive software solutions for the manufacturing industry

Long-term production planning of up to 52 weeks in advance

Green Planner consolidates production scheduling, task automation, resource allocation, and data analytics for efficient planning and improved productivity.

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Arkadiusz Kluk

Planing manager

The team worked with great commitment to gain an in-depth understanding of our business, proposing tailor-made technological solutions. The system we created together is fully adapted to our unique process, allowing us to accelerate daily planning tasks and minimize production waste.

Smart Manufacturing and digital transformation solutions

Explore the innovations driving the success of the manufacturing industry


Real-time data analytics

  • Instant monitoring of energy consumption
  • Better fiscal management
  • Rapid detection of inefficient resource use
  • Continuous assessment of equipment performance

Robotics and automation

  • Automated handling of dangerous materials
  • Precision in manufacturing tasks
  • Reduction in manual labour
  • Consistent performance in high-volume production lines

Predictive maintenance

  • Maximized production uptime
  • Extended equipment lifespan
  • Effective management of spare parts
  • Forecasting of maintenance needs for budget optimization

Internet of Things

  • Tracking of asset locations
  • Environmental condition monitoring
  • Energy consumption tracking
  • Real-time monitoring of safety conditions

Supply chain monitoring

  • Detection of supply chain disruptions
  • Enhanced collaboration with suppliers
  • Streamlined distribution channels
  • Reduced transportation and inventory holding costs

Digital twin technology

  • Optimized production processes
  • Simulation of production processes
  • Virtual product design testing
  • System response assessment without physical trials

Why Inwedo

We’re a team committed to securing and empowering your business

We prioritize data safety, operational efficiency, and client satisfaction. Our proprietary quality standard, Polaris, guides us in implementing best practices for delivering projects on time and within budget. 
 With innovative software solutions, transparent communication, and continuous improvement, we aim to deliver reliable and tangible results.

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A trusted technology partnership

Our developers seamlessly integrate with your team, fostering a collaborative environment that drives success

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A trusted technology partnership

Our developers seamlessly integrate with your team, fostering a collaborative environment that drives success


ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 27001

Our team ensures unparalleled quality and data security, delivering every project with the highest standards of excellence and protection.


FRIS® Thinking Styles

We acknowledge thinking style differences and focus on effective communication within the team and in cooperation with you.


Clutch Top Developers

Our developers have technical skills and a proactive approach to delivering innovative, trusted solutions.


Great Place To Work®

We’ve cultivated a workplace that honours every individual’s input and nurtures a culture of development and encouragement.

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