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To rediscover the value of event networking conversations. A complete solution to lead and engage discussions between event participants.

Created by Waldemar Olbryk, powered by Inwedo

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6 months 2nd phase

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The Challenge

To maximize value of discussion between event participants.

Networking is a permanent part of every business-related event. However, in most cases, this phenomenon is often more chaotic and troublesome than constructive. The current methods encouraging conversation between event attendees often lead to meaningless discussions about random topics. In effect, the time allocated to networking is often wasted and inconvienient for participants.

Inwedo’s Role

Our experience and expertise in creating end-to-end software solutions supported the client’s vision.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Product Design

Product Design

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

The Solution

The mobile app helps to materialize the new approach to the attendee’s introduction. Instead of random topics, the app concentrates discussion panels around problems that each participant wants to solve. Each attendant provides information about the background and challenge. Then the app assingns four persons with different experiences to group and brings up one problem to solve during 15 minutes talk.


The app provides a new system to gather diversified groups of people together and make the conversation meaningful. Special notifications make the conversation lively and smooth. In the last 2 minutes of the round, the users are encouraged to share their key takeaways from the discussion, proving there’s always something in the conversation that everyone can personally benefit from.


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92 %

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