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Team extension – IT staff augmentation

Software development experts that feel like part of your team from day 1

Hire developers for your project

Outsourcing IT development

Deliver development tasks faster and in better quality, without compromising on your company’s values

If your software development team is feeling overwhelmed, you’re behind schedule, or the quality of the coding is suffering as you struggle to meet the deadlines, there is a possibility that you are understaffed.

Hiring software developers may help:

  • enrich your discovery process at the beginning of a software project,
  • introduce new talent and competencies to an existing project,
  • speed up the pace of delivery to meet deadlines,
  • unburden the existing team from their daily tasks,
  • distribute workload evenly between teams working in parallel.

IT staff augmentation

Technology-specific collaboration built on mutual trust and shared values

No matter if you’re looking for short-term or long-term development support in your project – you should feel comfortable with the people who join the team. Our IT staff augmentation model is designed to give you the confidence that we are heading in the right direction at every stage of our cooperation.


Structured kick-off

Allows the team members to deep dive into the project goals and requirements.


Adapting to existing routines

We respect the existing tools and processes in place, and committed team members focus on the work to be done.


Proactive communication

For us, partnership means raising flags when we see issues and brainstorming on possible solutions together.


Clear reporting

Clear and detailed reporting on the task level so you’re always up to date about the progress.

Find the right developers to join your team

Tell us about your project

Team extension model as a service

Transparent cooperation model for team and cost stability


FTE engagements

Whether it’s one development expert or the entire team – they’ll be assigned to your project full-time to increase focus on goals ahead.


Development team scalability

The team extension model allows you to adjust your team size based on development phase or specific technological needs.


Predictable monthly cost

With man-day rates and full-time project engagements, it’s easy to plan a monthly project budget.

Dedicated development team

Need a full team that will take charge of your project end-to-end? Find out more about our Agile teams on demand.

Hire a dedicated team


Which software team outsourcing model suits my company?

That depends mainly on its internal structure and human resources. The team extension model may be the right choice for you if you have an in-house IT team but lack professionals with specific skills. A dedicated Agile team may serve you better if you don’t have any IT professionals at your disposal or want to limit their engagement in the process.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation can help you meet tight deadlines or speed up the development pace without wasting time on the time-consuming recruitment process or onboarding. It is a great way to enhance your productivity in no time.

How to hire the right IT team in an outsourcing model?

If you tell us in detail about your needs, expectations, the specifics of the project you need support with, working habits and preferences, and other crucial aspects, we will provide you with the best match. Finding the fitting candidates should be on your partner’s shoulders – if the communication is smooth and effective, you should end up with a perfectly matching team.

What is the difference between body leasing and team extension?

Team extension is more complementary than body leasing. Instead of simply providing your company with developers or other specialists with the required expertise, the software house coordinates the process of external team members’ implementation. It supports the client throughout the course of the cooperation.

What is the difference between a team extension and a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is created specifically for your project and requires minimum engagement from your side, taking over the whole product development process. It is self-organized and complete. In the team extension model, our professionals join forces with your team.

What are the types of IT outsourcing services?

IT outsourcing services divide into three models – body leasing, team extension, and dedicated teams. Whereas the first two usually support customers’ existing in-house teams, the third one can function entirely independently. You may also come across another division of outsourcing services based on proximity – nearshoring, offshoring, and onshoring. We wrote an article that explores all the different outsourcing types – it may help you to understand them!

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