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Why Node.js development?

Over 51% of professional developers worldwide use Node.js with confidence.

Node.js is the runtime environment for JavaScript. It provides a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools, available for free under an open-source license. Its asynchronous nature is useful in the environment of web applications, where it helps optimize the use of server resources, support multiple simultaneous user connections and achieve high performance. Node.js is a great solution for building scalable network applications.


Reasons to use Node.js


High-performance & fast


Minimizes the risk of different data structures




Web applications in real time


Easy maintenance and updating


Comes with cross-functionality

Benefits of Node.js

Why is Node.js best for your project?

Manage the front end and the back end through one language.


One language

JavaScript/TypeScript as a single language for both the front end and the back end of the application.

Clear documentation

Each release is well documented, which makes it easy to implement it into the existing structures.

DDD (Domain Driven Design)

The code maps the company’s real processes, which results in extensibility and high stability of the product.

Continuous integration

Ensures high responsiveness to the stability and quality of continuously produced software.

CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation)

Allows you to introduce data cache easily and increases system performance.

Static and dynamic code analyses

They ensure the compatibility of the produced software, which increases the stability of implementations and updates of business solutions.

Microservices architecture

Increased security, stability, and productivity due to smaller system modules that are integrated with each other yet independent.

Application monitoring

Raygun, Sentry, Crashlytics, Application Insights, Prometheus – tools that support maintenance of your solutions.


Enhances independence from infrastructure and simplifies the implementation and use of various technologies.

Infrastructure as code

Provides monitoring and improves infrastructure management, facilitating management, configuration, scaling, and replication.

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Node.js development outsourcing

Trust experts with +10 years of experience in Node.js development


Node.js development outsourcing

Trust experts with +10 years of experience in Node.js development


Highly specialized skills in IT delivery

We run the full development and delivery cycle on our end, looking for solutions that suit requirements best.


Proactive communication throughout the process

We’re an active partner in technological discussions. We raise flags whenever we see issues and suggest alternative approaches to make sure the decisions we make as a team are fully informed.


Supporting realization of your business goals

Drawing on our experience, we can help you choose the right technology for both long-term and short-term goals.


Tried and tested tools in everyday use

Our delivery process runs smoothly thanks to the accredited tools we work with. JIRA, Confluence, BB and regular deployments allow you to track project progress with ease.

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What is Node.js used for?

Node.JS is used mainly for building backend applications but can also serve for frontend development. Its most common applications include scalable server and network architecture.

What are the advantages of Node.js?

Due to the wide variety of JavaScript modules, NodeJS makes web development much easier and faster. The event looping mechanism enables NodeJS to process the requests in a non-blocking way, despite its single-threaded structure. Speed is one of the benefits of Node.JS that developers appreciate the most.

Is Node.js a good choice for my business project?

If you’re building a data-intensive application that will have to handle numerous requests at the same time, Node.JS is a perfect platform for you. Pick it when you want your product to run smoothly across distributed devices.

How does Node.js handle concurrency?

Node.JS handles concurrency in an asynchronous way, processing the events on a single thread in a non-blocking way. It means that every new request is added to the event loop. Unlike other platforms, Node.JS doesn’t block new requests until the previous one is processed. That makes it handle data-intensive operations in such a smooth manner that the others cannot provide.

What is Node.js?

Node.JS is an open-source and free server environment that enables the creation of powerful applications written in JavaScript. It is a cross-platform runtime environment, which means it runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.

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