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Make development more efficient using a Microsoft-created type system that allows for minimizing code errors.

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Why TypeScript development?

The second most loved language used by developers worldwide. (Stack overflow survey)

TypeScript is an open programming language that is an extension of JavaScript. It is a superscript of JS that allows for the introduction of strong typing and provides a number of features that are not available in JS and that increase developers’ efficiency. The solution compiles to JS and can be used both on the server-side (node.js) and the browser. TS gives great flexibility and contributes to transparent, self-documenting code writing and better-quality code, which prevents technical debt.


Reasons to use TypeScript


Suitable for large-scale systems


Easy to write and maintain


Typecast-related errors minimized


High code readability



Benefits of TypeScript

Why is TypeScript best for your project?

Reliable technology for increased performance and ease of maintenance.


More reliable

Compared to other solutions, applications using TypeScript are much more reliable, have lower technological debt, and provide a much smoother experience when developing a project and adding functionalities.

Evading errors

TypeScript, if implemented at the beginning of the project, can detect various types of potential errors. They will be noticed much earlier in the development process than when using JavaScript alone.

Easier in maintenance

TypeScript simplifies the creation of large JavaScript applications and makes them easy to maintain later. Not only when it comes to the legibility of the used solutions, but also when it comes to increasing the quality and reliability of products or services.

Simplifying OOP practices

Object-oriented programming is hard to achieve in a dynamic prototype-oriented language like JavaScript, but TypeScript automates OOP best practices and helps stick to them.

Easier to refactor

Code refactoring has never been easier. TS helps programmers understand the essence of the problem and provides a protective umbrella related to type-safe benefits.

Increased performance and effectiveness

Static typing and the OOP approach make the code clearer and well documented, which is great for developers in the long run. In addition, some OOP features like private and protected classes add more security to the application and increase performance.

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TypeScript development outsourcing

Trust experts with over 15 years of experience in TypeScript development


TypeScript development outsourcing

Trust experts with over 15 years of experience in TypeScript development


Highly specialized skills in IT delivery

We run the full development and delivery cycle on our end, looking for solutions that suit requirements best.


Proactive communication throughout the process

We’re an active partner in technological discussions. We raise flags whenever we see issues and suggest alternative approaches to make sure the decisions we make as a team are fully informed.


Supporting realization of your business goals

Drawing on our experience, we can help you choose the right technology for both long-term and short-term goals.


Tried and tested tools in everyday use

Our delivery process runs smoothly thanks to the accredited tools we work with. JIRA, Confluence, BB and regular deployments allow you to track project progress with ease.

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How do I know if TypeScript is the right choice for my project?

If you are building your application or website using JavaScript and expect it to be large-scale from scratch or develop dynamically, we recommend switching to TypeScript. With just a few lines in TS, you can replace tons of code written in JavaScript. It will simplify your code and make it easier to debug.

What can you build with TypeScript?

With TypeScript, you can build anything that is possible to build with JavaScript since these two programming languages are strongly tied together. TypeScript is most commonly used to create interfaces and rarely for the backend.

Is TypeScript used in industry?

Yes, TypesScript is becoming increasingly popular in the IT industry. Companies like Slack, Asana, Accenture, and Medium.com are known to use it in their development process.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language, JavaScript’s superset. It has the same basic syntax as JS but extends it with additional features. TS offers excellent flexibility and contributes to better-quality code, which prevents technical debt.

What’s the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript?

JavaScript is object-based while TypeScript is object-oriented. The function parameters and variables of the latter contain information, making life easier for developers. With its capability of reporting compilation errors, TypeScript minimizes errors in runtime.

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