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Agile teams on demand

Work with one single dedicated team for the entire digital product lifecycle

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Dedicated team focused on business needs

Cross-functional team of software development experts composed exclusively for your project needs and challenges

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to create your software solution. Before we begin development, we immerse ourselves in your business context. Having understood the challenges ahead, we compose a self-organized development team with the right skill set to deliver the digital product end-to-end, with minimal supervision.


Create brand new software solution

Work with a dedicated team to create a digital product from scratch.


Optimize company business processes

Take Excel-based or offline processes to the digital world to improve performance.


Initiate digital transformation

Introduce new technologies to the company to assist daily operations.


Extend existing product portfolio

Hire a team that will single-handedly take over the software development process.


Accelerate company growth

Build tailored web platforms to automate tasks and help companies scale.

Software development team structure

Assigning one team to a single project promotes ownership, code quality & complete focus on delivering actual business value in each sprint

The team may change in size along with the project needs. The usual roles in each of our units include:


Product Owner

Product Owners’ work is not only management – it’s significantly about cooperation and understanding product vision. They work alongside the team and the Client from the beginning of the project, making sure the idea is clear and well-aligned with the business objectives defined.

Technical Leads

Tech Leads guide teams in system architecture, best approaches, or coding standards. Partnered with Product Owners – they focus on the technical side of the Client’s vision and goals to help bring the features to life in a functional application.

Quality Assurance

QA Specialists help us maintain and develop a “quality culture” across all teams. Working alongside developers in each sprint, they carefully inspect the created software back and forth and point out features that need fixes. QAs record their activities in testing scenarios or documentation to ensure stability.

Developers – front-end & back-end ones

Depending on the project scope, teams vary in size and roles. Front-end developers take care of the visual side of the application, working on parts that the users will see as interfaces. Back-end developers focus on databases, scripting, and architecture of the software.

Test Automation Specialist

This role runs end-to-end automation strategies and focuses on performing analysis and research to determine the weaknesses and strengths of existing systems. It’s our secret weapon for developing and designing new software systems (including reviewing, repairing, maintaining, and testing to improve business operations).

Product Designer

Designers provide insight into creating an effortless user experience, as well as modern and intuitive design. Being analytical in grasping the users’ needs helps them suggest user-friendly solutions and workflows. UI Designers focus on the application’s final look and feel by creating designs that attract users and retain them in the system.

Scalable development team

Not all projects require the same approach – we compose teams that follow your project needs or development phase

Our teams are self-organized and agile, which makes it easier for them to adapt to external challenges. We can increase the team size if there’s more work coming our way, or make the team smaller if we’re entering into the maintenance phase.

Small team


Regular team


Large team


Expert solutions for security and growth


Manufacturing software development

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Fintech software development

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Value-oriented Scrum process


Piotr Kubiczek

CEO of HelloHere

The services provided by the Inwedo team are excellent, delivering high-quality, complex, interactive platforms that can be used by both the user and their client. The team is professional, communicative, and organized, overseeing the work well and ensuring the project could be a success. They are like a part of our own team, and we work hand in hand. We’re extremely well taken care of, and they’re by far the best company I’ve worked with.

Hire your own dedicated software development team

Tell us about your project


How does an Agile team operate?

Teamwork is a foundation of Agile methodology, based on the assumption that individuals can accomplish the most when working together. Agile teams are cross-functional, meaning their members have different skill sets, roles, and backgrounds. They are self-organized, incorporate continuous development principles into their work, and deliver results to the customer in smaller batches.

What makes your Agile teams successful?

Agile teams are so successful because they combine different perspectives and expertise. That helps to see the big picture instead of narrowing it down to a specific domain. Such teams are more flexible in terms of roles and responsibilities, making the most out of every member’s potential. The teams tend to be limited to 5-10 people, which facilitates effective communication.

How should you build a software development team?

If you already have in-house specialists, but you’re missing expertise for a specific project, you can fill the gaps with team extension service at any time. If you have a product to develop but no specialists available, you can choose a dedicated team we will create for you based on your needs and project specifics.

Is Inwedo development team structure scalable during the project?

Yes – while working with Inwedo, you can always expect maximum scalability. The projects evolve, and sometimes new needs or requirements arise at their later stages, creating demand for more team members. Anytime that happens, we will provide you with additional specialists. The agile methodology makes such a move faster and smoother, as the team structure is more flexible.

What is the difference between a dedicated team and a team extension?

In the case of team extension, the developers and other specialists become an integral part of your internal team for a specified period (usually until the product release). They adopt your project methodology and roles applied in the process. On the other hand, a dedicated team can be entirely independent and self-organized, covering all the product development processes from the beginning to the end.

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