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High level of flexibility and maximum responsiveness, perfect for data-rich web applications.

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Why React.js development?

Ranked #1 among the most commonly used web frameworks in 2021 (stackoverflow)

React.js is a declarative, efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It uses the modified JS language (JSX) which extends JavaScript’s syntax and enables the use of HTML, simplifying the code. React.js gives a high level of flexibility and maximum responsiveness. It is extremely light because the data displayed on the user’s side can be easily represented on the server-side. This solution is perfect for building large internet applications where data changes regularly.


Reasons to use React.js


Highly efficient development process


Extremely light solution




Code reusability


Data binding


Beautiful user interfaces

Benefits of React.js

Why is React.js best for your project?

Remarkably flexible without compromising on performance.


Lightweight Web Applications

Compressed, optimized, cacheable, fast-loading web applications that feel like a desktop app.


Interactive views and screens allow to present and react in near real-time to events triggered both by the end user and remote server.

Simplicity of converting to PWA

Straightforward possibility to convert SPA to Progressive Web Application which can be easily installed on a mobile device.

Design System

Brings clarity, coherence, and conciseness to the end user’s perception of UX and during the development phase.

Cross-Platform Development

Robust solution for a wide variety of supported browsers with a single code-base.

Static and dynamic code analysis

They ensure the software’s compatibility, which increases the stability of implementations or updates of business solutions.


Streamlined and faster development process by reusing the same components in different views of the application.

Continuous integration

Provides high responsiveness to the stability and quality of continuously produced software.

State management

Easier in maintenance due to simplified code complexity of asynchronous operation handling, clearly dividing code into separate modules and libraries to separate responsibilities of different components.

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React.js development outsourcing

Trust experts with over 15 years of experience in React.js development


React.js development outsourcing

Trust experts with over 15 years of experience in React.js development


Highly specialized skills in IT delivery

We run the full development and delivery cycle on our end, looking for solutions that suit requirements best.


Proactive communication throughout the process

We’re an active partner in technological discussions. We raise flags whenever we see issues and suggest alternative approaches to make sure the decisions we make as a team are fully informed.


Supporting realization of your business goals

Drawing on our experience, we can help you choose the right technology for both long-term and short-term goals.


Tried and tested tools in everyday use

Our delivery process runs smoothly thanks to the accredited tools we work with. JIRA, Confluence, BB and regular deployments allow you to track project progress with ease.

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What is React.js used for?

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It allows you to create complex UIs using components – small and isolated pieces of code. React can also be used with various libraries and tools as an additional library while building bigger projects with different frameworks.

Why should I use React.js in my business project?

React keeps the user interface code readable and easy to maintain. Since the components stay separate in React, they are easy to reuse, which allows developers to avoid unnecessary coding and maintain high productivity. So does the Virtual DOM, which saves the development team a lot of manual work.

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