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We love sharing our knowledge, unique stories about the challenges, and daily work. Learn more about how we manage online communication, maintain work-life balance, and have the closest-knit team we’ve ever seen! Have a sneak peek of a software company culture.

Recent posts showing how we work and why we do it

Our Culture Technology

June 27 2023

How tech recruiting helped me grow as a programmer and mentor

I have been a technical recruiter at Inwedo for more than a year now. Believe it or not, I find it fulfilling to connect with fellow programmers and gain insight into their lifestyles, career paths, and learning journeys. I value these conversations greatly, as every individual has their distinct approach, aspirations, and future plans.

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Our Culture

June 21 2023

Devs-Driven Day: Meet-ups with technology and people at heart

At Inwedo, we are dedicated to empowering the growth of the developer community and embracing diverse perspectives. With this in mind, we’d come up with the idea of Devs-Driven Day – a hybrid IT meet-up we organize every quarter. Collaborating with esteemed software houses, we have curated events that ignite innovation and honor the power of knowledge-sharing.

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Agile Our Culture Project management

April 12 2023

We’re over the Moon, literally: meet Polaris

When Q2 of 2022 rolled in, and the sun shone a bit brighter on our heads, something amazing happened over at Inwedo. All throughout the organization, we met in teams, eager to evaluate our customer journey from start to finish and map potential risks that awaited, hidden around corners. Despite some slight uncertainty about what lay ahead, we gained a deeper understanding of our organization.

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Human resources Our Culture

July 7 2021

Summary of the year of remote work: how to level knowledge in a team?

The sense of agency (resulting from the same level of knowledge in the team) proved difficult to achieve in remote mode. Read how to organize a remote team for it to form a whole despite the physical distance. And one that it does not lose its unique vibe.

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Human resources Our Culture

October 3 2019

Hire people better than you

The role of the CTO isn’t necessarily to be the all-knowing programmer. Instead, it’s up to the CTO to make sure that the product is built in the right way. As a technical founder who has built whole systems on his own, I can tell you that having the most skilled programmers isn’t just helpful.

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