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We develop bespoke software, driving business 
and supporting the way companies work 
with technology.

Who we are

Inwedo: where trusted expertise meets innovative thinking

You can count on our reliability, proven expertise, and innovative approach. We focus on what matters: delivering solutions that are not just effective now but also secure and adaptable, ready to overcome tomorrow’s challenges. Supporting you through your transformation journey, we develop solutions that align with your goals and needs.

  • Secure transformation

    The security of your data is our top priority. Our ISO certification is not just a badge but a reflection of our long-term commitment to safety, quality, and client satisfaction.

  • Innovation that empowers

    We develop innovative software to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and deliver economic benefits. Our solutions empower people by freeing up their time and potential.

  • Reliable results

    Our transparent and open approach fosters trust and delivers solid outcomes, providing solutions that give you confidence and contribute to the growth and protection of your business.

  • Constant improvement

    Consistent process refinement and operational excellence are ingrained in our mindset. Following Polaris, our proprietary quality standard, we implement best practices for on-time, within-budget project delivery.

  • Corporate harmony

    Recognizing today’s business need for stability, we implement process management that fosters corporate harmony, ensuring our professional service meets your unique requirements.

What do our Clients appreciate about working with us?

Inwedo Customer Reviews & References

René Krol

Bilfinger Tebodin

We have established perfect communication – our JIRA cooperation is very good, so we can manage the backlog, see spent time, and set priorities operatively. We also have regular feedback meetings with the company’s management.

David Lawton

Informed Solutions

The Inwedo team was up for the challenge even when priorities changed in response to user research, and work was delivered to high levels of quality. They worked with us to quickly build a genuine partnership and created a ‘one team’ approach with us through the course of the work.

Arkadiusz Kluk

Green Factory

I am really happy with the teamwork on their part. When there are issues or if something isn’t working, we can ask them for help and they’ll take care of it. They work really fast, reply to tickets or emails very quickly, and try to fix the system as soon as possible.

Urszula Januszewska


The Inwedo team is responsive as well as understanding and honest. They reply really fast – usually in a mere few hours. If they don’t have an immediate solution for me, they let me know they will get back to me the next day. The team always meets their deadlines as well.

Piotr Kubiczek

Hello Here

We met in the United States a while ago, and I saw the company as a very reliable source of developers. They were well-structured and I liked their values and how they operated. Whenever there was a chance for us to work together, I didn’t have to think twice.

Mike Nash


Inwedo’s biggest strength is their values; they value their people and their working relationships equally. Additionally, they facilitate a very collaborative environment and strive to provide us with working products, demonstrating interest in meeting our needs to the best of their ability. Overall, they’re extremely good at what they do.

Paweł Wężyk

Household Appliances Producer

The project has been going smoothly. They’re flexible and willing to adjust to my schedule, which isn’t an easy thing to do because I’m usually booked. They communicate effectively with us by means of teleconferences or in-person meetings. We haven’t had any problems.

Miłosz Olejniczak


Inwedo’s team has a good attitude, and they listen to us. I like their style for dealing with communication and challenges. We are adding new cities to our platform, and extending our contracts with existing customers, which is the best feedback I could give for Inwedo.

Committed agile teams of innovators

Dedication to excellence, growth,
and collaborative success

Our team tackles your challenges with a proactive, quality-first approach and ensures their actions maximise the value delivered.

We have created an environment fostering skill growth and supporting our developers in projects. To ensure effective collaboration, we use psychometric tools that help us understand diverse thinking across our organisation and align with your team’s perspectives.

Our team recognised our commitment to growth and support with a 2023 Great Place To Work® certificate.

Find out more about how we work

Our team

We embody teamwork at its best, shaping success with
a clear path, individual ownership, and a passion for innovation.

Our values define who we are


Growth and Excellence

We’re committed to continuous skill enhancement and knowledge deepening, embracing new technologies and solutions that ignite our passion and deliver excellence to our clients. Personal and collective growth drives our success, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and relentless improvement.


The collective power of our team underpins our achievements. By supporting each other and partnering with clients, we aim for shared success, believing that unity is our strength and collaboration our pathway to common goals.

Transparent Communication

Openness and honesty define our interactions, fostering trust and long-term bonds within our team and with our clients. We tackle challenges head-on, collaboratively finding solutions and valuing feedback as a cornerstone of our progress and mutual respect.

Business Value Maximisation

Maximising the impact of our work, we deliver top-tier IT services that empower our clients and our teams alike. Our efforts aim at quality, punctuality, and exceeding expectations, ensuring we add value while honouring our highest principles and adapting to client needs.

Reliability & Security

Safeguarding our clients’ data and businesses is paramount, and we are steadfastly committed to the highest security standards in everything we do. Our vigilance ensures peace of mind, enabling a focus on growth and innovation.

Humour & Harmony

Our culture cherishes comfort, laughter, and connection among ourselves and our clients. We foster an environment where work transcends the mundane and becomes a space of camaraderie, shared joy, and meaningful friendships.

Our story

It all began over a decade ago with a vision and a friendship

With “Innovation we do” as their guiding principle, Dominik Goss and Krzysztof Karolczak co-founded Inwedo, a software development company where modern technology empowers human growth. Since those early days, our dedication to this task has never wavered. We have evolved into an organisation that supports clients with innovative and secure solutions designed to navigate and thrive in a transformative era.

10 +

years of experience 

in software development

32 +


50 +

team members
on board


months average 
project length

6 +

years longest Partnership




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How long has Inwedo been in the market?

Our adventure as Inwedo started in 2011. Since then, we have been helping customers from different sectors bring their vision into life and supporting their internal teams on the mission of bringing the product into the market. Throughout the years, we have established strong bonds with various companies, contributing to their growth.

What do customers value Inwedo for?

Customers value our transparency, flexibility and proactive approach. With the tools and methodologies we use (Jira, Agile, etc.), the internal and external communication runs smoothly, keeping all the parties on the same page. We actively search for solutions when any issue comes out, preventing the project from suffering its implications. Self-organization is another aspect that our clients appreciate. If you prefer so, we can act entirely independently (while keeping you up to date, of course).

How long have Inwedo been producing dedicated IT solutions?

We have been developing custom software for various sectors for 11 years already. Our portfolio shows a variety of dedicated software projects, many of them scaled and developed continuously until today.

Why choose Inwedo as a software development partner?

We are fast and agile, reliable, independent, and cooperative. Effective communication is the backbone of our success, and our customers notice its positive impact on their projects. Enough talking – our customers’ testimonials speak for themselves!

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