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Human Resources

Human resources

Efficient tools and software can positively impact the functioning of HR departments, better organization of teams, good employer branding, and employee satisfaction. On this blog, you can read about case studies, specific technological solutions, and hr software that effectively help in human resource management. Articles can also help identify functionalities and tools you are looking for in your HR department.

Recent posts showing our work regarding human resources

Human resources Technauts Podcast

November 2 2023

The Future of Jobs: Will AI Replace Soft Skills?

In this episode, we explore how AI is transforming the workforce. Are there any unique human skills that will remain irreplaceable? Join us with Dominika Olczak, People Operations Lead at Inwedo, as we unravel the impact of AI on the job market. Together, we'll spotlight the emergence of new opportunities, delve into skills crucial for tomorrow, and guide you on harnessing AI for a thriving career.

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Agile Human resources Project management

December 9 2022

Staff augmentation: How to manage extended teams?

Undoubtedly, staff augmentation has many benefits, but it can also bring some unknowns and challenges, such as: Will it be feasible? Will the external team adapt to the changing conditions and requirements of the project? How will bringing in outsiders affect my team and how we work now? In this article, we will dispel these doubts and give some tips on coordinating teamwork when using staff augmentation.

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Business Process Optimization Human resources Product Development

June 3 2022

Body Leasing vs. Team Extension – Which Is Better? (And Why We Think It’s Team Extension)

Suppose your software development team is feeling overwhelmed. In that case, you’re behind schedule, or the quality of the code is suffering in a rush to meet deadlines, one possibility is that you’re understaffed. Which type of IT outsourcing services might be a relief for your company?

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Human resources Our Culture

July 7 2021

Summary of the year of remote work: how to level knowledge in a team?

The sense of agency (resulting from the same level of knowledge in the team) proved difficult to achieve in remote mode. Read how to organize a remote team for it to form a whole despite the physical distance. And one that it does not lose its unique vibe.

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Human resources Our Culture

October 3 2019

Hire people better than you

The role of the CTO isn’t necessarily to be the all-knowing programmer. Instead, it’s up to the CTO to make sure that the product is built in the right way. As a technical founder who has built whole systems on his own, I can tell you that having the most skilled programmers isn’t just helpful.

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What is E-HR?

Electronic Human Resource Management (E-HR) is a variety of solutions for human resource management within the organization, digitized with the use of IT technology in the form of mobile and desktop applications and software that facilitate payroll, compensation, training and data management, recruitment processes, interactions between the employer and employes and other HR processes.

What is HRIS?

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) also known as Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is an intersection of the standard Human Resource Managment (HRM) processes and information technology, resulting in better efficiency of processes, information flow and data related to the employees of the organization.

What is HRMS?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) use information technologies such as: software, applications and tools to manage and streamlines existing human resources processes within the organization which results in better performance and efficiency.

What is HCM?

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a way of managing human resources that defines the workforce as the core value within the organization. HCM treats the maximization of employees’ potential and productivity as an investment strategy that can be developed by defined solutions and tools to achieve possibly best capital efficiency.

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