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Supporting one of the world’s leading home appliances manufacturers with real time overview of teams’ workload to ease efficient project and resource planning.

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The Challenge

During its dynamic growth, the Client faced a new challenge – ability to manage their employee’s capacity according to the newly introduced concept.

Providing worldwide services translated into much more complex needs and confronted with the new international structures – using offline Excel sheets was no longer sufficient. Looking for an alternative to the increased complexity of their processes, the Client turned to Inwedo. The main challenges were online access to capacity management database, parallel updates, dynamic real-time calculations and providing results instantly, in a user-friendly graphic form.

Inwedo’s Role

Our experience and expertise in creating end-to-end software solutions supported the client’s vision.

Development Strategy

Development Strategy

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Web Development

The Solution

To help the Client meet their software needs, Inwedo’s team performed thorough analysis of the company’s workflow. Having targeted all the most sensitive areas, we designed a dedicated intranet system to process employee data in real time. Each and every user has their own customized rights and limitations of access, depending on their positions and functions. Flexible forms allow easy data input, modified by each user depending of their actual needs. Clear overview of available resources and competencies enables managers to plan work or take informed decisions as a response to emerging situations, by allocating necessary workforce in seconds.


The implemented system helped to answer the Client’s dynamic needs of human resource allocation processes. The application is in constant use today, supporting employees in achieving their optimal performance. Clear work tracking translated into less time spent planning and reporting. Timesheets and summaries can be generated automatically, ready to present to the head-office representatives all over the world. Our solution saved on average 1 hour daily of each employee’s workday and made reporting process 28 days shorter.

Impact Achieved


Generated timesheets and summaries


Access to updates on workload feedback

1 hour

Daily saved on planning and reporting activities

2 hour

Shorter reporting process

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