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Svensk Kolinlagring

Bringing together individuals, companies and scientists, united on a mission to sequester carbon through regenerative farming in Swedish agriculture.

Improved assessments Improved assessments
Improved efficiency Improved efficiency




Knowledge sharing


3 months to MVP


The Challenge

Lack of support for farmers facing decreasing soil quality and low biodiversity, and an undiscovered potential of technology in the fight against destructive climate change.

Witnessing the farmers’ struggles – the Svensk Kolinlagring team realized that to restore the balance in the use of land resources on a large scale, they will need to make use of technology to help them run their project efficiently. The idea was to create a system for various parties, all of whom have one common goal – reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The farmers needed a user-friendly platform to upload their farms’ data easily when joining the program. The companies & organizations supporting the aim financially or with scientific expertise longed for a single source of knowledge on project results, as well as direct access to farmers they would be supporting. Last but not least – the project team needed a reliable platform to enable launching the pilot, collecting data and sharing their models with all involved parties.

Jessica Johansson

Senior Omställningskonsult

Workshops before development were helpful, as they allowed us to take a closer look at goals and business context.

Inwedo’s Role

With our experience in creating software solutions end to end – we supported the team’s vision with our technical expertise, putting on a hat of an external CTO of the project.

Development Strategy

Development Strategy

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Web Development

The Solution

Created web solution creates space for collaboration and support on regenerative farming. The user-friendly application provides farmers with access to knowledge and experts who support them on their journey of regenerative farming and implementing greener methods of cultivating soil.

Facilitating the choice of greener cultivation methods though data collection

Dedicated quiz and sequestration calculator serve as a base for offline consultations on cultivation methods and help farmers decide on an approach that will be most beneficial.

Tracking progress through goals

Each farmer sets their own program goals with the help of the consultants. The criteria are verified on a regular basis to track the overall progress, as well as plan adjustments to the original plan if necessary.

Farms layout visualization – XML files import

A dedicated mechanism allows for XML files upload to present an aerial view of the farm within the tool. This way the project team can get to know the farm better & propose solutions for greener cultivation methods tailored to the existing environment.

Single source of participants’ data

Both – farmers & project team gained a single source of knowledge for all project data. The farmers can store & access their data within the platform easily, and the project team has an overview of all participants’ data.

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Client Perspective

Jessica Johansson

Senior Omställningskonsult

The project was fun and overall – I enjoyed working with the team. Workshops before development were helpful, as they allowed us to take a closer look at goals and business context. This way the team could really understand what the project is all about and plan further works. With good communication and weekly meetings, I was up to date with project progress. After 8 weeks the project now enters a pilot phase, but achieving fast results definitely requires the Client to book their time to keep up with the pace and answer emerging questions.

Impact achieved

300 000 SEK

Paid to Swedish farmers as an incentive for greener methods


Hectares of land under carbon sequestration analysis


Farms participating in the Pilot

Maciej Wisniewski

UI/UX Designer Inwedo

Beyond the MVP

Seamless admin panel experience – improvements to the user journey

“The administration panel was rather straightforward in the MVP version of the panel as given a budget cap – the goal was to focus on functionality first. Based on the users’ feedback received after go live of the project in the pilot phase – we proposed improvements to the original flow that not only made the admin panel more user-friendly but also shortened the user journey by half!”

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