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Attract users with beautiful UI and make your solution their favorite through functional UX

Work with our product designers

Product design process – Discovery phase

Gain first insights into the digital solution, define initial scope and set priorities

The most stunning applications and product concepts are not created overnight. UX and UI services, as well as actual development, are usually preceded by careful planning. To be able to wow your target users, you need to deep dive into their actual needs and look for common ground with your business goals.

  • Business Goals

    Market research, combined with an individual vision and capabilities, allows us to define the business goals that the application should achieve.

  • User Personas

    Defining the user personas is essential in exploring their challenges, pains, habits, and daily tasks. All of this to make our tool respond to actual needs.

  • Scoping

    Once we get to know users’ needs and your business goals, we can develop a scope for MVP – the minimum range of functionality that will benefit both users and real business value.

  • User Journey

    We define the user paths through the application and try to optimize it so that achieving the set goals is effortless.

  • Validation

    A well designed clickable prototype or a simple mockup allows us to verify our assumptions quickly and see whether creating a product in a given way makes sense. This approach saves time and money.

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Jessica Johansson

Senior Omställningskonsult

Workshops before development were helpful, as they allowed us to take a closer look at goals and business context. This way the team could really understand what the project was all about and plan further work.

Get a development-ready project backlog in 2 weeks!

Discovery Workshops

UX & UI Design

Create engaging user interfaces and solve users’ problems without losing sight of your business goals

UX & UI product design services compliment each other. Applications that combine professional look and feel with functionality bring better business results.

Quality product design


The system supports and guides the user but does not take decision-making away.


Adapted to various platforms, it follows the user and their habits.

Reducing development costs

Easy validation of ideas and designs developed for straightforward implementation by devs.

Collaborative product design process

With the tools that enable remote cooperation, it feels almost as if we were designing hand in hand

No more “Final10” or “Finalfinal15” product versions. You can see the progress and changes applied to the project without flipping through files. Everything is easy to comment on and clearly organized.

You have it all at your fingertips:

  1. live designing sessions,
  2. commenting on designs directly,
  3. application walk-through recordings,
  4. moodboards / exchange of inspirations,
  5. single source of truth and full design documentation online.

Tools that support our product design processes



Creative Cloud


Google meet

Clickable product prototype – reach for interactivity

A quick and cost-efficient way to validate your digital product with all stakeholders, users or investors

Are you looking for the quickest way to showcase the potential of your digital product idea? By creating a clickable prototype, you can give your vision a trial run before a single line of code is actually written.

Clickable prototype step-by-step

  • User Journey & goals

    Our team – a UX Designer and a Product Owner – begin by defining goals behind the prototype & scope of features to cover.

  • Basic features & wireframes

    Based on the User Journey, we organize the User Stories and all the basic features into wireframes for each screen.

  • Application design

    Depending on the level of detail you’d like to achieve, we prepare low or high fidelity screens for the prototype.

  • Prototyping

    Once you’re in love with your new app designs, we link the screens together, creating a final clickable mockup.

Receive your digital product clickable prototype in 2 weeks!

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Product design innovation as a service

Start working on your digital product worry free

Cost predictability

The cost range is clearly defined so that you know what to expect. An excellent solution to start with for clickable prototypes or UX audit.

Price reductions

You can get a discount of up to 50% or a full refund of the workshop costs if we continue to cooperate.

No commitments

You can take the prototype and go your separate way to validate the product with users or look for investors.

UX/UI Audit

Actionable suggestions of UX/UI improvements summarized in an all-rounded evaluation report

Wondering where the users get confused? Trying to figure out how to adjust their journey to increase retention? Our UX analysis can give you insights into how to provide a seamless user experience.

UX audit process

1. Product Environment

To be able to evaluate your product, we begin with background UX research. We look at the industry, current trends in the field and market competitors.

2. Product Review

Our UX team carefully goes over the application and user journeys, using various tools and heuristics. All results are summarized in a report.

3. Bug Bash Session

Each member of the UX team uses your application for an hour to come up with as many improvement suggestions as possible.

We have dedicated teams of software experts ready to build your digital product if you decide to move forward

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