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Business Process Optimization Technauts Podcast

Business Automation: Freeing Up People’s Time and Potential

In this episode, we focus on the critical role of Business Process Automation in scaling businesses. While tools like Excel may provide a starting point, it's essential for companies aiming for efficiency and growth to move towards integrated and customized software solutions. Agata Solnica, our Chief Partnerships Officer, provides a detailed overview of the challenges that many companies encounter and how BPA can help overcome them.



Episode Highlights:

🔹Common Business Challenges Solved by Software
Exploring various problems businesses face that can be addressed through software solutions.

🔹Issues with Using Too Many Tools
Discussing the complications arising from the excessive use of different tools in business processes.

🔹Tool Accumulation vs. Custom Solutions
Evaluating the choice between accumulating multiple tools or opting for a custom software solution.

🔹Introduction to Business Process Automation
Defining Business Process Automation and its relevance in today’s businesses.

🔹Examples of Custom BPA Solutions
Showcasing real-life examples of custom Business Process Automation solutions.

🔹Benefits of BPA Solutions
Highlighting the advantages companies can expect from implementing BPA.

🔹Limitations of BPA Solutions
Addressing the constraints and potential downsides of Business Process Automation.

🔹Challenges in Implementing Automation Tools
Exploring common obstacles faced during the implementation of automation tools.

🔹Focusing on Users’ Needs
Emphasizing the importance of targeting the actual needs of users in software development.

🔹Right Time for Custom Applications
Guidance on identifying the optimal moment to invest in custom-made applications.

🔹Unnecessary Custom BPA Scenarios
Discussing real-life instances where custom Business Process Automation was not essential.

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