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Digital Transformation: Challenges, Strategies, and Digital Maturity

Join Michaël Tartar, a digital transformation expert with 30 years of experience, as he shares practical insights for companies looking to digitalise. Discover the Digital Internet Maturity Model, emphasising balance, leadership, and innovation for business growth. Michaël expertly navigates through digital complexities and cultural nuances, with a keen eye on SMEs, and brings it to life with real-world examples.

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Michaël Tartar is a CEO and Founder of DIMM.UP — a platform for diagnosing digital maturity and steering the digital transformation of companies. With a background in consulting and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, he co-developed the Digital Internet Maturity Model to help companies assess and improve their digital capabilities. He also co-authored a book, “La transformation digitale pour tous” (Digital Transformation for All), which offers insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of digitalisation in business.

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Episode highlights

🔹 Digitalisation in Business
Michaël explains the importance and impact of digitalisation on businesses, emphasising its essential role in competitiveness and profitability.

🔹 Challenges of Digital Transformation
We identify common obstacles companies face during digitalisation, such as budget constraints, lack of digital skills within teams, and resistance from top management.

🔹 Company’s Cultural Impact on Digitalisation
Michaël highlights the significance of company culture and top management’s attitude towards digitalisation.

🔹 Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
We provide insights into the digitalisation of SMEs, discussing how limited budgets and top management’s lack of digital focus can hinder their digital transformation.

🔹 Digital Internet Maturity Model (DIMM)
The discussion covers Tartar’s DIMM framework, developed with David Fayon, which helps companies assess their digital maturity across various dimensions.

🔹 Real-world Examples
Michaël shares practical examples of digitalisation in different business contexts, including a green grocery store’s journey towards digital transformation.

🔹 Misconceptions and Self-Assessment
The conversation touches upon businesses’ common misconceptions about digital maturity and the importance of self-assessment in digital transformation.

🔹 Advice for Companies Seeking Digitalisation
Michaël offers strategies and tools for companies aiming to digitalise, emphasising the need for gradual, strategic steps and using available digital tools.

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