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How FRIS® Sparks Our Team’s Excellence and Collaboration

Choosing technology partners isn't just about their tech prowess; it's also about whether their developers can align with your team's dynamics and how they solve challenges, communicate, and drive project success. At Inwedo, we use the FRIS® model to gain deep insight into these aspects and ensure our teams excel. Discover how FRIS® turns IT collaboration into a symphony of innovation and efficiency.



What is FRIS®?

FRIS® is a diagnostic tool designed to enhance individual understanding. It helps identify what our natural ways of thinking and acting are. It’s built on the premise that everyone possesses a unique set of thinking, acting, and communication styles, which – after identification and harmonization – can significantly boost team efficiency and project success.

The utility of FRIS® lies in its simplicity and applicability – it’s not just about recognizing differences among team members, but leveraging them to create a more cohesive and dynamic team environment. This tool increases mutual understanding, boosts communication effectiveness, and identifies predispositions. As a result, this leads to increasing your own as well as your team’s effectiveness.

The FRIS® model is categorized into four main perspectives:

  • Facts
  • Relations
  • Ideas
  • Structures

Each perspective represents different approaches to processing information, solving problems, and communicating with others. They all offer invaluable insights into the diverse cognitive landscapes of members and build a culture of mutual respect and understanding. By applying this model, teams can navigate the complexities of project management with greater ease by aligning individual strengths.


How psychometric tools like FRIS® can benefit IT projects

For IT projects, in which collaboration and communication are as crucial as technical prowess, psychometric tools like FRIS® can be game-changers. They delve beyond surface-level interactions and uncover the deeper dynamics that drive successful teamwork and project outcomes.

Thus, incorporating such psychometric tools as FRIS® can transform the way a team interacts, thinks, and creates together. They help leverage the full spectrum of human potential to achieve remarkable results.

Below are some of the most important benefits.

🔹 Better communication
FRIS® acts as a translator among diverse communication styles within a team. It breaks down barriers that often lead to misunderstandings. If teams know each member’s preferred way of exchanging ideas, they can tailor their communication strategies accordingly to get everyone on the same page.

🔹 Improved task execution
Also, with insights from FRIS®, teams can understand the complex human processes involved in work, turn potential conflicts into constructive debates, and, as a result, better manage all manner of (not only IT) projects. Teams will also be able to recognize the unique strengths of each member, achieve more effective collaboration, and distribute roles and responsibilities to individual capabilities.

🔹 Increased efficiency
When teams operate with a deep understanding of each member’s psychological makeup, they can streamline workflows and decision-making processes as well. FRIS® enables this by highlighting the most effective ways to engage each person and ensure that projects progress smoothly and efficiently, with fewer bottlenecks and delays.

🔹 Boosted innovation
FRIS® encourages teams to embrace diverse perspectives and approaches, creating a fertile ground for innovation. By valuing each member’s viewpoint, teams can harness a wide range of ideas, come up with more creative solutions, and achieve breakthroughs in IT projects. This culture of innovation sets the stage for success and contributes to the company’s competitive edge.


FRIS® for teamwork and project success

So, the implementation of FRIS® within companies and teams has laid the foundation for a workplace where:

  • each individual’s strengths are recognized and effectively integrated into the team’s dynamics
  • an environment is built and ripe for innovation and creative problem-solving
  • every potential conflict can be turned into an opportunity for growth
  • teams can ensure that the project will meet objectives and even exceed expectations

This makes FRIS® an exemplary model to embrace for any organization or team whose aim is to elevate their collaborative efforts and bring projects to new heights.

Why opt for a tech partner using psychometric tools?

The answer is very simple: to reap all of these benefits and better achieve business goals.

If you choose a tech partner who uses psychometric tools, you can gain a team that’s not only technically proficient but also highly synchronized in communication and collaboration. Then you can be sure that your projects are being handled by individuals whose strengths and working styles perfectly align with the tasks at hand.

You will also benefit from clearer, more effective communication, reduced project risks, and innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Ultimately, this strategic alignment between team dynamics and project goals translates into higher-quality outcomes.


How Inwedo synergizes with FRIS® on board

Inwedo embraced FRIS® some time ago, and it brings us tons of benefits. For example:

  1. It has markedly enhanced our team dynamics and improved the outcomes of our projects.
  2. It produces more cohesive teams, with reduced misunderstandings and maximized efficiency.
  3. It has fostered a positive internal culture.
  4. It provides insights into what our people care about most and where they focus their attention.
  5. It has given us the power to keep our employees engaged.
  6. It ensures the highest quality of service for our clients.
  7. It cultivates an environment in which every team member’s unique strengths are recognized, celebrated, and strategically utilized.

With a commitment to transparency, open communication, and mutual respect, we have built a cooperative space where ideas flourish and solutions emerge from a blend of our technical prowess and our clients’ industry insights.

Beata Król

Delivery Lead

Thinking Style: Partner

With FRIS®, I’ve become much more adept at quickly and easily identifying aspects of my communication style and preferences for collaboration and goal achievement.

It has allowed me to view projects and collaborative efforts more holistically, considering my feelings within the team and the sentiments of those around me. I’ve learned that my natural approach is to intuitively solve problems and view situations through the lens of the people involved, all while keeping the broader business context in mind.

Now, I understand better that others may have a different perspective; for example, it may be difficult for someone to engage without a detailed explanation or description of a problem. This insight has also enhanced my daily communication. While I prefer succinct messages, I recognize that others may require more detail and clarification.


Piotr Zieliński

Security Lead, Fullstack Developer

Thinking Style: Thinker

Thanks to FRIS®, I’ve learned something about myself I wasn’t previously aware of. The assessment helped me understand why I need to ask many questions before committing to an action. Now, I also grasp why I aim to predict the future and assess all potential risks. Most importantly, I’ve embraced this as a natural part of who I am, both as a person and a programmer.

Team members recognize me as a Thinker. They have a deeper understanding of my nature and how to collaborate with me. They realize I prefer taking more time to make decisions, needing more context and space to plan. With this knowledge, we can collaborate more effectively and set the right expectations for each other.

Our way of working, deeply influenced by the insights and efficiencies gained through FRIS®, allows us to offer more than just technical expertise and a data-focus approach. We bring partnership-oriented services that are characterized by synchronized collaboration and a deep understanding of both the technical and human aspects of every project. See how it looks in our place:

➡️ We know that our team members are not just skilled professionals, but innovators at heart. Each individual brings a unique set of skills and perspectives that, when combined, lead to groundbreaking solutions and advancements in IT projects. This fuels creativity and leads to the development of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that set our projects apart.

➡️ We cultivate a cooperative and friendly atmosphere that extends beyond our internal teams to our interactions with clients. This environment leads to open dialogues, shared visions, and mutual respect, which are necessary for the seamless execution and success of complex IT projects.

➡️ Our belief in partnership over mere collaboration leads us to working alongside our clients at every step and taking care to fully realize their visions.

➡️ The integration of FRIS® within our teams has improved our communication skills and enabled us to understand and adapt to various contact styles and preferences. Such enhanced communication makes ideas conveyed clearly and effectively and maximizes productivity, both internally and in our dealings with clients.

➡️ We can work efficiently across various settings and team configurations. Whether it’s adapting to the unique dynamics of a new client team or navigating the challenges of remote collaboration, our team is adept at maintaining high performance and fostering positive relationships, regardless of the setting.


As you can see, FRIS® is an amazing model that can enhance teamwork, respect, employee understanding, support, and contribute to project success as a result. Implementing this method into our company has given us many benefits. Thanks to it, we understand our team members better, use their strengths fully, let their skills flourish by giving them appropriate roles, and enhance the operation of entire teams.

But the benefits go beyond the walls of our company and also have a positive impact on our clients. We can better meet their expectations and contribute to their success.

At Inwedo, we try to take care of every detail, and we know that our employees are our strength. If you are looking for such a technological partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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