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Project management

Project management software solutions are designed to streamline project planning, task allocation, progress tracking, and resource optimization for businesses. Our technical knowledge allows companies to simplify project management procedures, improve team collaboration, and ensure successful project completion.
Product Development Project management

August 9 2023

Time & Material vs Fixed Price – Which Pricing Model to Choose?

When it comes to pricing models for projects, fixed pricing seems like the obvious choice. But have you considered the benefits of a time and material model? We decided to compare the fixed price and T&M models together so you can see which would better fit your project.

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Agile Project management Technology

May 10 2023

Functional vs non-functional requirements

For software development, outlining clear and detailed specifications based on the end-users’ needs and expectations is essential. We can distinguish two types of requirements: functional and non-functional. What are they, how are they different, and how can they help your team deliver successful projects? This article will cover everything you need to know about them.

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Agile Our Culture Project management

April 12 2023

We’re over the Moon, literally: meet Polaris

When Q2 of 2022 rolled in, and the sun shone a bit brighter on our heads, something amazing happened over at Inwedo. All throughout the organization, we met in teams, eager to evaluate our customer journey from start to finish and map potential risks that awaited, hidden around corners. Despite some slight uncertainty about what lay ahead, we gained a deeper understanding of our organization.

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