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How to choose the right software?

Right tools make work smarter — that’s not a secret. But how do you choose the perfect software to handle all your business processes? Does the perfect one even exist? Probably not. But there are definitely some rules that will make it easier for every seeker to avoid mismatched systems or spending huge sums on placeholders.


Working on dedicated software we often observe the same mistakes when it comes to deciding on the right solution. 5 most fundamental, listed below, can be easily avoided once you take our advice.



Lack of research

When it comes to choosing new software you don’t want to make hasty decisions based solely on the high ranking spot or internet popularity. Strong position of the software is probably not out of the blue, but you never know if your perfect fit is not lower in general ranking or entirely outside the mainstream competition. Not until you verify it. Always keep in mind that software you choose has to be adequate to your problems, team, and workflow. That’s the reason why an app that is, in general — amazing, may turn out to be an insufficient solution.

Lesson learned

Take your time. Make sure that the app you choose will not only meet your requirements and needs but will also provide value in a long-term perspective. Treat rankings as a good suggestion, but don’t forget about your company’s unique needs.

Cost effect

While comparing different software options, it’s important not to make cost the only deciding factor. Good quality software can be expensive, but if it really helps in optimizing processes, maximizing operational efficiency and improving workflows — it’s not just a purchase, but an investment. What a company gains is added value in the form of experience, effectiveness, and competence. It also entails technical support each step of the way, from the creation phase to maintaining and adjusting software, as well as high-level service.

Lesson learned

The right way begins with setting your priorities right. Alternatively to cost-based thinking, consider which choice will be the most profitable in the big picture.

Instant formulas

Off-the-shelf solutions tend to work fine, while the reality of a competitive market imposes the necessity of achieving something more than that — being the best and at the same time distinguishing from other companies. Choosing tools that fit all doesn’t seem to be the most beneficial way of creating workflows that is supposed to make your business gain advantage and stand out from the crowd.

Lesson learned

If you’re interested in creating unique approaches and effective processes within your business, you shouldn’t go for ‘close-enough’ solutions. Make an effort to find and work with a software house to build software that really fits your needs.

Not asking questions

All kinds of searches include a lot of unknown fields to be discovered, and it’s not different when it comes to finding the right software. There’s a lot to choose from on the market so no wonder people tend to get lost. Don’t be afraid to ask all the mind-boggling questions about the possibilities that software brings, its implementation or adding new features. There are a lot of sources that allow to obtain such kind of information. One of them is, of course, the Internet. But asking experienced developers or companies with similar workflows about their well-proven approaches may be even more effective.

Lesson learned

Many companies, especially startups — take customer feedback very seriously, and have flexible product development processes that allow innovations. Ask, suggest and clarify Don’t hesitate to take the chance of using these possibilities for improving your company.

Communication issues

The most common problem with new software is not taking the people factor into consideration. In the end, it’s the employees who will use the solution, and their working habits that may benefit from it — or not. This means it’s crucial to make sure the software is made to deliver real results to real people.

Lesson learned

See how your team works and how different kinds of changes affect their work — experiment for a moment. And don’t forget to talk to them to get to know their ideas and needs or invite them to Discovery workshop sessions.

Each project requires a different, individual approach. If you still have some doubts about choosing the best solution for your company we are always happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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