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The Future of Jobs: Will AI Replace Soft Skills?

In this episode, we explore how AI is transforming the workforce. Are there any unique human skills that will remain irreplaceable? Join us with Dominika Olczak, People Operations Lead at Inwedo, as we unravel the impact of AI on the job market. Together, we'll spotlight the emergence of new opportunities, delve into skills crucial for tomorrow, and guide you on harnessing AI for a thriving career.



Episode highlights

🚀 The most important skills in people operations/HR roles
Positions that require interacting with people heavily rely on soft and people skills. We take a closer look at which specific skills are most crucial in such jobs.

🚀 Communication skills in the age of AI
AI-powered communication solutions like chatbots and voice assistants are useful in enhancing customer service and automating processes, but they cannot yet replace genuine human connection and understanding.

🚀 Changes in the job market & positive impact of technology
The job landscape is undeniably shifting, with AI playing a pivotal role. However, Dominika paints a hopeful picture, emphasizing AI’s role in opening up novel career paths and streamlining tedious tasks, allowing humans to focus on more creative endeavors.

🚀 Fear of inventions and change
History repeats itself. We draw parallels from the past, where every significant technological leap was met with trepidation. Only embracing change can lead to unparalleled growth opportunities.

🚀 AI helps HR specialists focus on people
AI is not only a tool but also an ally in recruitment. It can sift through large amounts of data, allowing recruiters to focus more on people and relationships.

🚀 ChatGPT in a recruitment process & data privacy
Dominika shares how ChatGPT helps her in daily tasks and stresses the importance of cautious AI use for privacy.

🚀 Staying competitive in the job market in the age of AI
As AI becomes more prevalent, professionals who can seamlessly communicate and collaborate with AI tools will be a step ahead.


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