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Complex and integrated time tracking solution to help organize work and boost the productivity of IT professionals.

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Project management


The Challenge

Ineffective work scheduling and reporting in IT industry.

More than half of IT projects either fail or end up over budget, and the main reason is ineffective workflow management. The current solutions – project management tools, help to manage the general workload. However, multiple tools generate an information chaos. Data gets scattered and it becomes impossible to track project progress correctly.

Inwedo’s Role

Our experience and expertise in creating end-to-end software solutions supported the client’s vision.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Web Development

The Solution

Time tracking apps that all integrate with popular project management software. The core asset of Timble solution is an integration with all the most popular project management apps, like JIRA. The technology used fully synchronises tasks and projects in both directions. We made sure that all important information is accessible from one place and always up to date. In addition, we created a dashboard to visualize the team’s work in real-time.


Teams can quickly plan their work and remain focused on the key objectives of the day. Easy implementation and user-friendly interface transformed the face of time tracking in IT projects. Timble helped to increase productivity and reduce distractions for teams all around the world. Project managers loved Timble for its informative dashboard that helps them stay up to date with their teams’ actions.

Impact Achieved


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Even distribution of workload


Precisely estimated projects

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