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Welcome app designed to help hosts around the world provide 5-star hospitality and great experiences for their guests.

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To provide a tailored experience for hotel guests.

HelloHere founders noticed a lack of personal, custom-made experiences in the hospitality industry. The main objective was to improve communication and provide additional value proposition to offer guests with a unique stay in hand with the host hospitality.


Platform to gather guests, hosts and experiences together.

Addressing the problem solution required to go beyond software development itself. We assisted founders to create the whole business model from scratch. As result we designed a solution which let hospitality enrich guests experience by recommendations and booking a local attractions.


Complete hospitality ecosystem with thousands of users.

The solution has been accepted and welcomed around the world. Today HelloHere is a globally recognisable app with 13 thousands of users in 24 countries. Platform is constantly growing and right now app is used by over 1000 hosts. What is more, founders of HelloHere won 6 global awards.

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Client's perspective

Piotr Kubiczek
Chief Executive Officer

Promoting your own startup globally means a lot of effort, moving form one conference to another. Having a team that's working remotely, but is fully dedicated to your project only is a tremendous help. Inwedo took care of the whole development process from start to finish, and beyond, so we could focus on growth.

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