Two-sided platform to open a way to the Asian market for European companies. Two different versions for different markets.

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To bring the European and Asian business together

Nowadays raising number of companies bring their businesses abroad, and the Asian market is especially attractive for European investors. However entering the local market may be challenging. Companies and individual investors often use the support of professional agencies, specialized in certain markets. However this solution turns out to be expensive and not always effective.


Two-sided platform designed to address needs of both markets.

The business aim was to make use of existing assets of the Asian market - local volunteers or entrepreneurs, willing to help in supervising investments on the spot. The app enables users to create business offers. Local people are able to view the deals and offer their help. This way, the solution offers an alternative to expensive middleman services. Additionally, having local advisors helps eliminate communication difficulties.


Simplified process of finding a reliable business partner abroad.

Q2FIND helps companies save money and time. Engaging local people to supervise projects on the spot is an inexpensive and trustworthy alternative to hiring external companies. Recommendation system eliminates the risk of receiving low-quality services or delays, and allows entrepreneurs to seamlessly develop their businesses on the new market.

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