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Woman sitting at the desk

Bartosz Babinski

April 12 2023

We’re over the Moon, literally: meet Polaris

When Q2 of 2022 rolled in, and the sun shone a bit brighter on our heads, something amazing happened over at Inwedo. All throughout the organization, we met in teams, eager to evaluate our customer journey from start to finish and map potential risks that awaited, hidden around corners. Despite some slight uncertainty about what lay ahead, we gained a deeper understanding of our organization.

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Two women sitting on a grey couch

Ela Mazurkiewicz

April 05 2023

Mastering non-functional requirements: 5 best practices for effective project management

Non-functional requirements in Agile are one of those aspects that are quite often neglected or left until the very end of the project. Our non-functional requirements (NFR) guide can help you avoid this scenario, though. We’ll cover what causes PM/PO and Agile teams to underestimate NFRs and show how you can add them to your project to guarantee that the project will be fully functional.

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Man wearing glasses sitting in front of a monitor

Ela Mazurkiewicz

January 26 2023

What are non-functional requirements? 9 types + examples

You already have a good idea of what your application should do and look like and the value it will create. You also know that your application has to be reliable – that is, work on the most popular browsers without causing people problems or inconvenience. These are all critical aspects of a system, but how do you translate them into code? This is where non-functional requirements come in handy.

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