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Woman wearing glasses sitting in front of a computer

Basia Jagoda

September 28 2022

How to use milestones in IT project management

So, you’re looking to set milestones for your software development project and don’t know how to do it, or you’ve tried, and it didn’t go as you expected. In this guide, we will use our experience in planning and executing IT projects to answer the most common questions about milestones.

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Two men sitting on a yellow couch

Ela Mazurkiewicz

September 22 2022

Outsourcing software developers for agile projects – everything you should know

The IT market is abundant with software houses offering all kinds of cooperation models. It’s great to have options, but how to choose the matching one among all that variety? What kind of criteria to adopt when comparing potential IT service providers?

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Man wearing a black t-shirt

Ela Mazurkiewicz

September 09 2022

All you need to know about user stories in agile development

Agile is our methodology of choice, and we see how positive its impact is on our productivity and relationships in the team. User stories are its essential element that proves its human focus. This complete guide will prepare you for working with an agile software team that works with user stories!

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