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Devs-Driven Day: Meet-ups with technology and people at heart

At Inwedo, we are dedicated to empowering the growth of the developer community and embracing diverse perspectives. With this in mind, we’d come up with the idea of Devs-Driven Day – a hybrid IT meet-up we organize every quarter. Collaborating with esteemed software houses, we have curated events that ignite innovation and honor the power of knowledge-sharing.



From inspiration to action – the story of Inwedo’s IT meet-up

Devs-Driven Day (DDD) emerged from our commitment to people and their continuous growth. As a people-centric organization, we recognized the need for a platform where professionals could unite, collaborate, and stay ahead of industry trends.


Piotr Zieliński

Security Lead, Fullstack Developer

Back in June 2022, I had the opportunity to speak at an external meet-up, sharing practical insights on integration tests. This experience inspired our team to organize hybrid Devs Driven Day events in Łódź.

Over the course of four editions, we joined forces with software houses from Łódź, like BinarApps, Blue Brick, IndieBI, and Tameshi. Each collaboration brought a wealth of expertise and unique perspectives to the table.

In the first edition, our focus was on programming and cultivating a work environment for developers. Attendees gained valuable insights into leveraging Docker for accelerated application development through containerization. We also delved into agile project management, emphasizing true agility within harmonious team dynamics.


Moving on to the second edition, we dived into the benefits of Test Driven Pandas in code development. Participants discovered how to write code without heavy reliance on Jupyter notebooks. We also explored the advantages of Domain-Driven Design, showcasing its application in developing expert-driven applications.

The third edition provided practical know-how on effectively analyzing large data sets in the AWS cloud using asynchronous techniques. Attendees explored real-life use cases from the retail industry and delved into asynchronicity in .NET. Additionally, we discussed the vital aspects of writing asynchronous code and shared best practices.


Finally, the fourth edition sparked thought-provoking discussions on the potential impact of AI on programming. We explored whether AI solutions could replace programmers’ roles and examined the future prospects of the industry. We touched on the importance of static code analysis in JavaScript and explored successful approaches to implementing developer tools.

This edition ended with a Q&A session led by Piotr Zieliński, a multiple DDD speaker. Using the Mentimeter app, each attendee could ask speakers questions – there were more than 20 questions about AI.

The purpose behind Devs-Driven Day

At the core of Devs-Driven Day lies our belief in the power of knowledge sharing, mutual motivation, and continuous growth. These principles are essential to our work at Inwedo, and we aim to extend them beyond our organization to foster a collaborative and trusting environment. Valuing diverse perspectives and insights, we recognize the potential benefits that others can gain from our experiences and wisdom.


Piotr Zieliński

Security Lead, Fullstack Developer

I have personal reflections and viewpoints on industry-related topics, career aspects, work approaches, and team dynamics. Others may seek access to this knowledge and implement certain behaviors within themselves or their organizations. These elements align closely with the values we strive to convey and promote at Inwedo.

Devs-Driven Day is a platform where technology enthusiasts come together to explore their passions and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. Our meet-ups offer a valuable space for discussing emerging technologies and staying updated with the latest advancements.

Our focus at Devs-Driven Day is also on equipping attendees with tangible skills, actionable insights, and hands-on experiences. Through a practical approach, we want to empower individuals to enhance their problem-solving abilities, optimize workflows, and stay at the cutting edge of technological advancements. By contributing to the growth and learning of our peers, we collectively enhance the expertise of IT community.


Adam Trojańczyk


We use technology to innovate our clients’ businesses in our daily work. We handle the entire business process from start to finish and always look for better ways to accomplish tasks. With all this, we remember the human being. People should be put at the center of technology, designed to assist them in their daily tasks. This approach drives our creation of practical solutions, as we firmly believe in its value. And because we love to share our knowledge, we also decided to do it outside Inwedo. This is our small contribution to the industry’s move toward people-centricity.

Devs-Driven Day fosters a sense of belonging among IT professionals and enthusiasts. Bringing people together creates an environment where individuals can connect, network, and build meaningful relationships. This sense of community is vital for collaboration, support, and inspiration as we learn from one another, exchange ideas, and find potential collaborators or mentors.

How DDD empowers our team and organization

Our meet-ups provide a unique platform to share insights into our innovative ventures, creating a sense of curiosity and inspiration among attendees. It’s rewarding to see the genuine interest shown by participants regarding the projects executed by Inwedo.

We’re excited to share our knowledge and methods and strive to be a reliable source of expertise. Through engaging discussions and presentations, our talented developers can share the unique experiences they bring to the table. They showcase the industry standards and good practices they use.


As most of our employees work from home regularly, we find Devs-Driven Day to be an excellent chance to connect with each other. This initiative has proved to be valuable in bridging the gap between remote work and personal connection, which has helped strengthen relationships and create a vibrant community within our organization.

Our event’s presence on LinkedIn has also facilitated the growth of a vibrant community, with participants frequently returning for subsequent editions. This sustained engagement signifies the value participants derive from these meet-ups, reinforcing our commitment to organizing informative and impactful events in the future.


The future of Devs-Driven Day

The future of Devs-Driven Day looks bright and promising. Our meetings are expanding beyond our network, and we are thrilled to see this unstoppable growth. We are delighted to collaborate with Partners from other software companies – their presence became a vital and valuable part Devs-Driven Day meet-up.

We want to continue creating a space where the IT community can meet with each other in one place and encourage participation from individuals of all backgrounds. That’s why we plan to arrange an open call for papers in the future, to provide an opportunity for a broader range of speakers who wish to share their experiences with the IT community.

We envision our event as a melting pot of not only developers but also professionals from other domains and experts in various fields. By bringing together these diverse perspectives, we aim to foster insightful discussions on vital topics shaping today’s ever-evolving world of technology.

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