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How tech recruiting helped me grow as a programmer and mentor

I have been a technical recruiter at Inwedo for more than a year now. Believe it or not, I find it fulfilling to connect with fellow programmers and gain insight into their lifestyles, career paths, and learning journeys. I value these conversations greatly, as every individual has their distinct approach, aspirations, and future plans.



As a technical recruiter, I appreciate meeting with candidates who are self-aware and have a clear vision for their career path, along with the drive to pursue it. In one such conversation, I met a developer with impressive knowledge about C# and .Net, despite having only two years of experience in the industry.

Not only that, but he also had a well-defined development plan to become an Architect. His enthusiasm for programming and dedication to continuous growth was truly inspiring and reinforced my belief that this profession is both exciting and rewarding.

The perspective of a technical recruiter at Inwedo

When I started working at Inwedo, I was deeply impressed by the values of the founders and their approach to employees. These principles are the solid foundation of our organizational culture.

We understand that our work goes beyond writing code – it involves creating products that will impact people’s lives. Teamwork improves our effectiveness in this endeavor. This is why we prioritize openness, knowledge sharing, and mutual support in our collaboration.

All this makes me feel part of something bigger than myself. I have never experienced anything like this, and as a result, my approach to candidates has changed.

I have conducted job interviews for developer positions before while working for a large corporation. My focus at the time was mainly on technical skills since they were vital for my employer.

Now, I take a more comprehensive approach when considering candidates for a position. In every recruitment discussion, I feel accountable not only for selecting a talented engineer but also for ensuring that the individual who joins our team feels appreciated and can contribute their distinct strengths to our collective efforts.


A brief digression: my childhood dream

From my perspective, a great software developer is not only a talented craftsman but also an artist who uses their tools to shape reality, both digital and beyond.

Since my primary school days, I have always dreamt of becoming a programmer. With a little bit of luck, support from my friends and colleagues, and a lot of hard work, I was able to fulfill this dream.

Even after several years in the industry, I believe there is still a lot to learn. Socrates’ words, “I know that I know nothing,” are always with me. It’s incredible how one discovery can lead to ten more things worth exploring in greater depth. It’s like a candle lighting up a room.

I want to be an aware developer, so I strive to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in programming. I am always eager to expand my knowledge of different languages, libraries, and how they work behind the scenes. The ever-evolving nature of this field is one of the things that make it so exciting to me.

Why we need more mentors

Through my experiences with tech job interviews, I have realized there are many amazing people for whom learning and developing skills are paramount. However, they lack someone who can help them expand their knowledge – a mentor they can learn from.

Working in a company that develops its mentoring program and fosters a supportive atmosphere for team collaboration is truly a privilege. This not only encourages the exchange of knowledge and experiences among developers, but also widens our perspectives.

Creating a mentoring culture at Inwedo

This year we launched the third edition of the mentoring program, which offers all employees the opportunity to improve their technical skills, soft skills, and goal-setting abilities. The program allows Mentors and Mentees to collaborate on their development goals and determine the type of support the Mentor can provide.

However, our efforts didn’t end there. We strongly believe in applying these principles beyond our organization to empower the technology community.


Back in June 2022, I had the opportunity to speak at an external meet-up, sharing practical insights on integration tests. This experience inspired our team to create Devs Driven Day – a hybrid IT meet-up organized every quarter with esteemed software houses from Łódź.

I’m happy to share my knowledge because it benefits both me and others participating in the events. Moreover, it contributes to Inwedo’s employer branding efforts and enhances our visibility in the industry. The gratifying aspect is knowing that more programmers express interest in joining our team after being acquainted with us through these meetings.

Mentoring can thrive only when it benefits the entire organization.

I would have never considered embarking on the mentoring path if the circumstances and atmosphere were not conducive. I had the opportunity to be a Mentee in the Inwedo mentoring program, where I was paired with a Mentor who helped me develop my skills and taught me a great deal. Now, I am serving as a Mentor myself.

My experiences and chosen path have inspired me to work harder at gaining valuable knowledge. I am eager to share what I learn with anyone who is interested in learning from me.

For those who want to make a change in their lives and careers, get involved in projects that transform the environment, make life easier for others, and help with work – know that Inwedo is always looking for talented individuals. If you join us, who knows – maybe one day, I will become your Mentor.

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