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Accounting is a field where most of the processes still happen on the paper. On top of that, communication is limited to face-to-face and phone contact. As a middle-size accounting office, our client – Plichta – came to us with an urge to expand the business. To do that they needed to automate and modernize some of their processes. As well as find a solution to connect them with the clients in a less time consuming and more effective way.



Client challenge

More and more banks and large corporations offer accounting as part of their services. Seeing the fast-spreading trend, Plichta – a small accounting office, saw the need to strengthen their market position. The company lacked the time and reliable tools to deal with the increasing amount of customers and documentation, as well as handle customer communication. To stay competitive, Plichta decided to provide services on a larger scale. They decided to reach out for our help, looking for a solution to support such change.


Working in close partnership with Plichta, having in mind that their goal is to provide services on a larger scale, we managed to develop an intranet system, designed to answer all the most burning issues and company needs. Plichta Accounting Manager introduced intelligent decreeing to unburden daily functioning of the office, and help avoid potential errors. Additionally, the online extension enabled Clients to issue invoices and send files directly to the office.


After implementing Inwedo’s solution, Plichta has been able to work more efficiently and maintain high quality of their services. Improved communication helped gain trust and nearly double the number of key business Clients. Smart systems for scanning and handling documentation helped save employee time. The Customers benefited most from the online system of file processing, which made everyday contact with the office much more convenient. Inwedo’s support for the Plichta Office continues, as the created system provides a great framework for the Company’s future growth and development.


Do you need an app like this? Its success was based on a dedicated approach, fitted to the Client real needs. Contact us to get what your company needs. hello@inwedo.com

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