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From Great Place to Work® to Great Partnerships

Being certified as a 'Great Place to Work®' is not just an accolade for us, but a true reflection of our core beliefs and practices that directly impact the success of your business. That’s why today we will tell you more about how our internal environment, nurtured by employee satisfaction and a positive workplace culture, translates into unparalleled benefits for our clients and partners.



A supportive work environment is a must nowadays for any successful project. At Inwedo we do our best to create an employee-friendly place and care about people so that everyone feels comfortable, can develop their talents, and bring more value to our clients’ projects. And the great news is we are successful in this, as proven by being awarded the GPTW certificate thanks to the votes of our team.

Great Place to Work® certification

The Great Place to Work® certification is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s culture, leadership, and employee experience. This certification is the result of extensive research and analysis, which provides a detailed look into the internal workings of a company through the eyes of its employees.

The Great Place to Work® certification is globally recognized – it’s a testament to a company’s dedication to building a positive, inclusive, and innovative work culture. This certification is not handed out lightly, since it requires a minimum score of 65% in the Trust Index™ survey and is valid for 12 months.

Trust Index™ survey and Culture Brief™ questionnaire

Any company with a minimum of ten employees can participate in this program. After registration, they need to complete the Trust Index™ survey and Culture Brief™ questionnaire:

  • Trust Index™ survey – companies are required to choose a two-week period to conduct the Trust Index™ survey among their employees. This survey is a critical tool that measures employees’ perceptions of their workplace and covers aspects like trust, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.
  • Culture Brief™ questionnaire – firms must also complete the Culture Brief™ questionnaire, which asks for factual data about the organization.

After the survey period, the company receives detailed reports on the findings. If the results meet the required standards – with the Trust Index™ score being at least 65% – the company is awarded with Great Place to Work® certification. Next, organizations can share their achievements with the world. They can also participate in the current edition of the Best Workplaces™ contest, which recognizes the top certified companies.


Inwedo’s journey to certification

Our journey to achieving the Great Place to Work® certification was a reflective and engaging process.

We started with a firm decision to pursue the certification, as we wanted to value our work culture. The journey involved meticulous preparation that culminated by conducting the Trust Index™ survey, in which we achieved a remarkable 94% participation rate from our team. This high engagement level provided us with honest and comprehensive feedback.

After analyzing the results and completing the Culture Brief™ questionnaire, we received the certificate that signifies the achievement and reinforcement of our commitment to continuous improvement of the work environment.

Key insights from the survey about employee satisfaction and engagement

The certification process provided valuable insights through employee surveys.

  • Participation rate – an impressive 94%, indicating strong employee engagement and a commitment to providing genuine feedback.
  • Key questions and themes – surveys primarily focused on our organizational culture, management practices, and the organization’s credibility. These areas are crucial in understanding how employees perceive their workplace and the values it upholds.
  • Responses and trends – open-ended questions revealed that our team highly values the aspects that Inwedo prides itself on. These include our representation of core values, open and transparent communication, care for employee well-being, and a people-oriented approach. Responses were affirming and enlightening, highlighting areas where Inwedo excels and the aspects that resonate most with our team.

How do Inwedo initiatives and practices help?

Our commitment to promoting an exceptional work culture is manifested in a number of specific initiatives and practices that have contributed greatly to us being certified as a Great Place to Work®.

Here’s how these initiatives and practices have helped:

  • Psychological care – we ensure access to a psychologist for our employees.
  • Yoga sessions – we care about physical well-being and stress management.
  • Benefit platform – our comprehensive benefit platform offers various advantages tailored to individual needs.
  • Psychometric tools like FRIS® – boosts communication and mutual understanding within our team.
  • Development opportunities – we emphasize the importance of and provide opportunities for employees to find and follow their own personal and professional development paths.

Direct benefits to clients and partners

We are very pleased that our business has received this certificate, but even more so we thank our employees. They are the ones who make up this company, contribute to the success of our customers, and build the stability and reliability of our organization.

The satisfied and engaged team at Inwedo leads to higher-quality service and innovative solutions for clients. Our employees are more able to succeed because they enjoy their work.

What does this mean for Inwedo’s partners?

Elevate client business

At Inwedo, our philosophy is simple: a happy team leads to happy clients. Our ‘Great Place to Work’ certification is a signal to our clients about the quality and dedication they can expect from us. Our team, empowered by a supportive and dynamic work culture, brings creativity and enthusiasm to every project and directly elevates the businesses we partner with.

Streamline their projects

Our internal workflows and processes, refined through continuous feedback and improvement, guarantee that we deliver your projects not only to a high standard but also with an efficiency that streamlines your operations. This, in turn, minimizes bottlenecks, enhances communication, and ensures that your projects are delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

Help achieve goals with greater efficiency

Setting goals is one thing, but achieving them with efficiency and precision is another. Our team at Inwedo is not just skilled in software development, but also adept in understanding and aligning with your business objectives. This allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency. Our proactive and collaborative approach makes sure that we are always a step ahead in foreseeing and addressing potential challenges.

Leverage innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Inwedo. Being in a work environment that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking enables us to bring innovative solutions to the table. Whether it’s through cutting-edge technologies, novel software solutions, or creative problem-solving strategies, our focus on innovation always keeps our partners at the forefront of their industries.


Trust a company that cares about its employees

Inwedo’s commitment to supporting an exceptional workplace culture has been recognized by the Great Place to Work® certification and the Family and Human Wellbeing Humanities Award 2021. But we don’t rest on our laurels – instead, we constantly strive to provide our employees with the best working conditions because people are important to us.

We believe in the power of a team, and we support each other in achieving common goals. That’s why we’ve built a workplace that values each person’s contribution and fosters a culture of growth and support.

We also try our best to meet the expectations of our partners, and with such a satisfied workforce we know we are doing a great job in this regard too. If you want to join our company or get help from us, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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