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3 reasons to choose IT outsourcing services

When you decide about outsourcing some of your software development work, many options emerge as you’ve done your research. Different services may be appropriate depending on how tight your deadlines are and how much dev work still needs completion. Even when a few software houses you’ve checked out have already offered you some options, you may not seem to choose between services that differ slightly and mainly affect the budget. This article should help you to make an optimal decision.



Why use IT outsourcing and outsource software development work

There are some good reasons to hire a software house to help you with your software development project. The mighty one is software houses have experience with clients who faced situations that are likely to be very similar to what you are facing.

At Inwedo we stand with two IT outsourcing paths. Team Extension – when you simply require 1 or 2 extra developers in your project. And Dedicated Agile Teams on Demand –when you need to augment your staff with more people with different competencies and who are good at cooperation. The decision isn’t obvious, but when you define your critical needs or specific situation, the pros and cons between these two services can become clearer.

Reason for outsourcing #1: when you’re understaffed

Perhaps the work is simply too much for the size of the team you have at your disposal, and the project has been running for a while now, so your devs are feeling overwhelmed and the team morale is dropping. It’s driving the efficiency and productivity down (which you really don’t need when the deadlines are fast approaching).

We have supported a company that was understaffed – not enough developers were available to complete the project, but they faced significant issues with finding the right talent who would be willing to join their team, so simply onboarding more developers wasn’t an option.

Reason for outsourcing #2: when you’re behind schedule

It may also be the case that the devs are not overwhelmed, and you’d like to keep it that way. But you’re already behind schedule – either because of some unexpected hurdles along the way or because you simply underestimated the amount of time and work that the project requires. There are also situations where for one reason or another, a lot of your devs are unavailable for a particular project so you’re unable to meet the deadline.

That was the case for one of our clients. Recruitment was not an issue, as plenty of talented developers were available and willing to join; however, not enough were available for the particular project, especially given the strict deadline. In such cases seeking outsourced help seemed the natural solution.

Larger companies also face such issues. Certain projects require a fast pace, whereas bureaucracy, a long SOP and approval paths are the enemy of speed. That often reflects on managers, causing a serious overload.

Reason for outsourcing #3: when the quality of the code drops

Sometimes, the devs accept the overtime – they work fast and tell you that it can be done on time, but the quality of the code may suffer. This usually ends up backfiring later on with errors, which makes the ratings and feedback drop drastically. By then, it may be too late to ask where to find additional developers.

How we address IT outsourcing needs

An obvious solution would be hiring more developers. But these days, the recruitment process can take longer than you have remaining before the project deadline. Not to mention the time and effort spent recruiting or the fees you would incur if you decided to hire a staffing agency.

What options do you have?

You might be considering body leasing, which is a popular alternative, but as we know in many cases, this isn’t optimal. That’s why you may prefer to hire a whole, ready-made team to help you push a project forward.

An ideal solution is to outsource your work to a software house:

  • an experienced team who will take full ownership of the product development,
  • with a full understanding of the company’s business context,
  • who knows how KPIs and targets should be set,
  • and have the experience in similar projects, is usually a great solution that allows you to get things done fast.

Especially in the case of more complex projects. This way, you can keep your internal team focused on other tasks that they’re better suited to complete (for example, because there is confidential information involved).

In these instances, hiring a software house in a team extension or dedicated agile team on demand model can make or break the project.

Team Extension or Dedicated Agile Teams on Demand?

At Inwedo, we offer team extension and a dedicated agile team on demand, because these two services suit the best to your needs if you are facing a situation similar to those mentioned above.

What is an IT outsouring team extension service?

Team extension happens when a small group (typically 2-3 developers) joins your project team and works alongside you to complete your project. This team will do more than simply complete the tasks you give them – they will contribute their experience to your project by providing advice and taking ownership of their work.

That’s where team extension differs from services like body leasing, which is more about assigning a very specific task to a temporarily hired developer. Check out this article to learn more about the differences between team extension and body leasing.

Team extension service is perfect for when you are missing a certain area of expertise that is required for the success of the project you are working on. When you know what needs to be done in a specific area of your project but aren’t sure how this solution is perfect for you!

What is a dedicated agile team on demand?

Sometimes also referred to as managed services, the dedicated agile team on demand service allows you to transfer the ownership of a certain aspect of the project to the service provider. In this model, we task our own agile software development team with helping you reach your goal.

This team will look carefully into what it is that you need to achieve (goals, targets, and performance indicators), how it can be done (project planning & ownership), and learn about your business context (the why of the project and how it fits into the big picture), and ensure successful completion (software development & quality assurance).

How dedicated software development team work on an IT project like mine?

As you see these services differ in various aspects of the service, including the variety of available skills and competencies, the size of the team that will support you, as well as (obviously) the amount of time we will commit to the project – and as a result, the cost.

Are you skeptical about whether giving an important part of the project to a third party is a good idea? Our clients have already tried and succeeded – just take a look!

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